Weekend Link Dump Part 2

  • No, wait, this one beats that one out. (I think you all have Kottke to blame for those last two links.)
  • CNet has a photo gallery of the greatest computer of the 80s, the Commodore 64. The modem in the middle of image #14? That’s what I used back in the days of local BBSes and Q-Link.
  • Reading up on that Q-Link link, I found this wonderful nugget:
In the summer of 2005, Commodore hobbyists reverse engineered the service allowing them to create a Q-Link protocol compatible clone called Quantum Link Reloaded which runs via the Internet as opposed to using telephone lines. Using the original Q-Link software as a D-64 file, it can be accessed using either the VICE Commodore 64 emulator (available on multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux), or by using authentic Commodore hardware connected to the Internet by way of a serial cable connected to a PC with internet access.

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  1. Personally, I use Camino on my Mac since it seems a lot faster than Safari and uses Mozilla’s Gecko engine with a more OS X-like interface. Safari has always seemed slow and unstable to me.

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