Lost: Season 4, Episode 2

I’ll be watching this one tonight, but I didn’t want to delay opening the comments thread any long than I already have.

So, discuss amongst yourselves.  I’ll join you late tonight or tomorrow.  What did you think of Week Two?

Discuss spoilers through this episode in the comments all you like, but PLEASE do not discuss the previews for next week’s episode.  I don’t watch them and neither should you. It would make everyone just a little happier.


4 thoughts on “Lost: Season 4, Episode 2

  1. Absolutely awesome episode! Watched it 2 times last week to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

  2. Yeah indeed, another solid episode. I’m glad they learned from their errors and gave the new characters some immediate back-story. I was particularly impressed with Miles (Ken Leung).

    I loved the scene with Locke and Ben right at the end when he was going to pull the trigger but I laughed out loud when Locke said he was taking orders from a taller Walt. I wonder who the spy is though, there is one person that springs to my mind.

  3. Yes, this was a really great episode! Lost has only had two episodes so far and both have been great. I think this will be the best season yet! :)


  4. It was a great introduction to the new characters, and they’re all interesting. I loved the “Tall Walt” references, too. There’s so much going on with this show just under the surface. I hope they start to pay off on a thing or two happening here before going off the air again in a few short weeks.

    By the way, the high def picture is AMAZING on this show in the outdoor locations. The studio set-ups suffer by comparison. The darker shots look like standard def stuff just blown up to high def format. Weird.

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