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MTV True LifeThis weekend, I sat through the two hours of MTV’s True Life: I’m a High School Senior. I usually wind up watching these shows for their freak value and points of local interest MTV films most of them, it seems, in and around the local NY/NJ area. (I’m A Staten Island Girl. I’m Moving to NY. etc.) This episode was recorded nearly five years ago. The four seniors featured in the show are now past college graduation age. While one of them (Angela) may not have done the whole college thing, I’d love to know whatever happened to the rest of them. Does anyone have an idea about the Long Beach Class of 2003, or the Bayonne Class of 2003?

The glory of the internet helps a little hit.

Lauren Wanko: An article from the College of New Jersey newspaper a couple years back gives us some info on her. Following up on her internship mentioned by Sara Lee Kessler in the show, we know that Wanko worked at NJN up until at least mid-2006.

Kevin Sheehan went to SUNY Binghamton, which featured him in an article in its student newspaper in 2003.

Angela Torres? No idea.

The Senior with Aspergers went on to Culinary school somewhere in NY, but I can’t remember his name, nor dig up anything about him.

Anyone know anyone?

MTV.com denies the existence of this episode. They have an episode list of 55 different TRUE LIFE documentaries, but skip over this one completely. The opening to the show is available on YouTube.

MTV does have a link to I’m a High School Senior 2, though.

The quote of the show came from Angela’s mother as she went off to the Prom: “Don’t forget — all girls ovulate on prom night.” Brilliant!

Please note that I use “the” in front of “Prom,” dagnabit!

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  1. HI HELLO!! can you help me! i graduated from Bayonne High in 2003 and was part of the whole true life high school senior episode. how did you see it? i cant find it ANYWHERE! i really need to get my hands on it! please let me know!!! -stacey s0533739@monmouth.edu

  2. Hey! I was a freshman at LBHS when this was filmed. Jeremy Carter was the forth person who was in the show. I can’t find anything on it either!! I think the youtube account with the intro is his though. If you have found anything let me know!!


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