Grammys Notes

I didn’t intend to watch The Grammys, but then I had an hour to kill, so I thought I’d rip through the three and a half hours on the DVR in that hour.

Not bad. I really expected worse. On the other hand, I probably skipped over all the annoying stuff. Still:

  • I can almost take Fergie as a torch song singer, until I start humming “My Humps” under my breath as I watch her sing.
  • Lots of good piano music present in there. “Rhapsody In Blue” with two pianos was really cool. John Legend can tickle the ivories. Alicia Keys never sits still long enough behind the piano, and has a completely new look and new hair every time she shows up in the show. And the kid who played under the Grammys’ Back Patting Manifesto was pretty cool, too.
  • Tina Turner – I’m conflicted. Part of me thinks it’s cool that she’s still going. Part of me thinks she’s well preserved in Botox and is just barely getting through those moves. She’s still doing 110% better than anyone her age has a right to, though. (Quick, check her for steroids!) But I’m old-fashioned enough to remember when she was a diva in the 80s, so I can appreciate that.
  • Beyonce lip-synched well to that opening bit, too.
  • There’s no need to stop the show for Audience Interaction. The My Grammy Moment thing took twice as much time as it needed to.
  • That was probably just to buy time to set up the next set of pyrotechnics I have an idea — why not just get people who can sing and play instruments on stage? Skip the overblown orchestral and choir backups. Get rid of the extraneous dancers. Get rid of the special effects. Let’s just get to the music.
  • Carrie Underwood did a great job. It’s like watching a little kid grow up before our eyes, isn’t it, Idol fans? The outfit was hideous, but I liked the song and the Stomp/Blue Woman Group background clangers.
  • Opening with a duet with a dead guy isn’t cool anymore. It got annoying about 20 seconds into “Unforgettable” about 15 years ago, and hasn’t gotten any better with age. Nice CGI, now let’s move on.
  • Yes, I’m old. I don’t know half the people on that stage. And I’m OK with that. I’m over 30. My musical tastes are set in stone now. The Grammys are for someone else. I don’t think I own a single record from anyone who performed on the show.
  • I liked the Beatles bit. Ringo was cute in his acceptance speech, too.
  • OK, seeing The Time reunite was pretty awesome. Bizarre, Kevin Smith style odd, but awesome.
  • The show was scheduled for 3.5 hours and still couldn’t finish on time. Ridiculous.

What else went on? What did you like and/or hate?

3 thoughts on “Grammys Notes

  1. I too could have done without the My Grammy Moment bit but Jason Bateman was awesome. I particularly loved when he explained “for the morons” that John Paul Jones was from Led Zepplin and when he called the one contestant “lazy”. Great stuff

  2. I liked Carrie Underwood’s outfit, but somebody should really tell Kanye West Plastic Man wants his goggles back.

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