Misery Loves Sherman

Wanted to give a pointer over to Chris Eliopoulos’ month-old webcomic, MISERY LOVES SHERMAN, available at MiseryLovesSherman.com. Here’s a sample, shrunked down to fit into my site’s measurements:

Misery Loves Sherman (c) 2008 Chris Eliopoulos:

Full disclosure: I did some design/back end coding on the site, which uses the ComicPress theme for the WordPress blogging engine. I tried writing an engine by myself using Ruby on Rails, but it didn’t get far enough. It was quite the learning experience, though. I learned I suck.

The strip runs every week day and is family friendly. Give it a shot. I think it might give you a chuckle or two, particularly if you enjoy his excellent FRANKLIN RICHARDS comics over at Marvel.

One thought on “Misery Loves Sherman

  1. Thanks for mentioning this! As a fan of Calvin & Hobbes, this strip definitly made my day! It reminds me so much of that strip! :)

    I already put the Misery Loves Shermen website in my favorites! Hope he keeps doing those!


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