24: End of an Era

We already knew the show would be delayed until 2009 because of the writer’s strike. We thought that this would be a good thing. It would give Keifer Sutherland a chance to dry out.

But now it’s claimed a victim.

Surnow leaving ’24’

“24” co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow is leaving the Emmy-winning drama. Surnow’s departure is effective immediately. He served as an executive producer on the first eight episodes of Fox’s real-time thriller’s seventh season that were produced before and into the strike but will not be creatively involved in the remaining 16 episodes, slated to begin filming shortly. Surnow’s overall deal with “24” producer 20th Century Fox TV was up April 30. This week, the writer-producer asked the studio to release him early, to which they agreed.

Given the way this season’s plot lines were sounding, it’s quite possible that Surnow was a visionary in creating the series, and now a visionary in getting the hell off the sinking ship. We’ll see next winter, won’t we?

One thought on “24: End of an Era

  1. Oh dear, this is not good news. I was initially worried when they announced the additional 2 seasons sometime over the past year, I love the show but I would have rather it went out on a bit of a high rather than flopping (although last series was poor in fairness). I mean how many more ridiculous, unbelievable, over-the-top situations can occur? The fact that he asked for an early release is great cause for concern indeed.

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