Today’s ’24’ Update

Orlando Sentinel – Fox to film 16 episodes of “24” quickly by Hal Boedeker

Here’s some behind-the-scenes news about the seventh season. The show had finished eight episodes.”We’re filming the remaining 16 ASAP,” says Fox spokesman Chris Alexander. “The writers are back at work on scripts for 9 and 10 as we speak.”

But you won’t be seeing any of it until next January, anyway.  At least we know there won’t be any last minute drama with Kiefer’s poor driving habits now. . .

And with the next president of the U.S. looking increasingly like either John McCain or Barack Obama, will 24’s notion of a female president seem like a quaint curiosity next January?

One thought on “Today’s ’24’ Update

  1. The only reservation I would have about the episodes sitting there being finished is the fear of spoilers being leaked. But if you choose to read them it’s your own fault I guess. I wouldn’t worry about a female president though seeing as they already had two black ones. It will just be part of the usual 24 wackiness.

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