Big Brother 9 – Week 1

Julie ChenWe’ve had two episodes and the first eviction already this season. What do you all think? Let the spoiler flags fly!

One thing I’m curious about — if there are 16 contestants to start and they’re being eliminated in pairs and the first pair is already gone, just how do they plan on stretching this show out to three months? By my math, there’s really only 6 or 7 weeks left to go.

Spoilers after the break:

How many dumb moves have we seen in the first two episodes already? Has there every been a bigger group of lunkheads to play the game? Is the pairing off affecting people’s brains?

  1. If you get stuck with a partner you can’t stand, try to make the best of it. Even if that partner is a complete boor, you’re stuck with it. Suck it up, use it to your advantage somehow.

  2. If you do decide to make the best of it after a few days of declaring the end of the world, don’t rub your bosom in his face when he answers a question right during the Fancy Dress version of The Newlywed Game.

  3. “Stirring things up” can be lots of fun. One should only do that from a position of power, though. Don’t try to “stir things up” with the guy who has the ultimate power to evict your sorry ass. This looks doubly bad when CBS has cast you as their cliched resident Southern Bible thumper.

  4. At the first sign of trouble, don’t play your ace up the sleeve. If your partner says he’s ready to evict your boyfriend, don’t squeel right away. Try to change his mind in another way. Try to convince him of someone else’s evil first, or explain why you think he’s wrong BEFORE you divulge the big secret.

  5. If you’re a paparazzo, use Canon, not Nikon. Fool.

  6. Even if your job is a “Bikini Barista,” those boobs are obviously fake. Please attempt to cover them up slightly the first night.

  7. Julie Chen – glitter is for pretty princesses, not the chest of reality TV show hosts.

Dumb dumb dumb.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother 9 – Week 1

  1. Great post! Hilariously true. I don’t even know why I watch this show sometimes, but then within the first two episodes I remember why: people trying to be smart and utterly failing at it.

    I agree with there only being about 6 or 7 weeks left, so my guess is they break up the pairs at some point or decide to cut the season shorter than planned as the writers are coming back.

  2. My wife likes to read all the spoiler sites and newsbits she can find. I guess she’s getting news from the live feeds — it would seem some are upset that they’re fighting now for a share of $500,000 when they signed a contract to win $500,000 solo. So, yeah, they probably will break them up near the end, just to satisfy that contract.

  3. This show is so amazing. They’ve only been together ONE WEEK. And they’re already acting like this to each other? Have you noticed there wasn’t any food challenge or any “at home” clips? They’ve had so much drama, there’s no need for filler. Where do they find these people.

    And that one girl squealing about her bf being in the house at the first inkling of trouble was so ridiculous, especially after watching last season where Eric was the master of pushing the group in one direction without revealing his true motives for doing it.

    And they are obviously going to break up the couples at some point. You can tell that they know it too.

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