HD-DVD: It’s Over

R.I.P. HD DVD: Toshiba reportedly ends the war | Tech news blog – CNET News.com

Toshiba has not commented publicly, but a report on Japan’s NHK says Toshiba has made the decision to withdraw from next generation high-definition DVD production. […]The report also estimates that Toshiba will take a hit to the tune of “hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars” and will close factories in northern Japan.

An official announcement is due out during the week.

I can’t help but wonder if PS3 sales will skyrocket from this development.  We already know that they outpaced XBOX 360 sales in January. . .

One thought on “HD-DVD: It’s Over

  1. 360 sales took a slump since MS somehow managed to have a supply shortage like Nintendo’s been having. Part of that was the huge sales over the holidays. Keep in mind the 360 outsold the PS3 by something like half a million units in December, and PS3’s margin is a few tens of thousands. I can’t see PS3 sales skyrocketing since it was already the cheapest Blu Ray player for a long time, and is still the only futureproof one available (not by accident, I’m sure). I think Sony’s biggest advantage at the moment is its fairly unlimited supply of units.

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