Lost: Season 4, Episode 3

I’m still an episode behind. Just got to watching the second episode last night. (And commented on it in last week’s discussion.)  So I’ll start the slightly-late conversation for episode 3 here, in case anyone else cared to discuss. Hopefully, I can join in the fun in a day or two.

Same old story here: There are spoilers in the comments, but please do not discuss coming attractions. . .

2 thoughts on “Lost: Season 4, Episode 3

  1. There were plenty of things I liked in this episode. Firstly Sayid coldly dropping the guy on the golf course was well done although I chuckled when the sprinklers came on. Also the surprise reveal at the end. Jeremy Davies coming into his own as wacky scientist Daniel was great. The time difference thing is intriguing too.

    What I didn’t like was the way Sayid turned into a bit of a pansy by crying after shooting the girl who tried to kill him. He is a bad-ass and this didn’t really help his character I felt especially as he is still to be perceived as a hardman in current time on the island.

  2. I think the crying Sayid did after killing Elsa was an indication of him hitting his breaking point with all this running around and killing people on Ben’s list. Sayid is a bad-ass, but he’s always been portrayed as a torturer with a conscience, not a killer. Had he killed anyone in cold blood prior to landing on the island? Has he killed anyone in cold blood on the island. I may be forgetting an incident, but I don’t think so. His post-island life is very different from his pre-island life, and I think all the killing is catching up with him.

    Notice also that Jacks’ post-island life is very different from his pre- and on-island life. He used to be a confident surgeon and leader, but post-island, he’s a mess. I have a feeling Kate’s post-island life is completely different from her pre-island life, too…

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