Many a Twitter

This is the kind of material that could make it into the new “Sundry Thoughts” section of this blog. But I like me the Twitter, so I keep posting there. Here’s a round-up of some of those posts from the month so far. (Really, the last one of these Twitter compilation posts I did was January 29th!)

You can follow them all as they happen at this link.

  • If Guitar Hero doesn’t give me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, NOTHING will.
  • When visiting blog pages now, I regularly hit “J” to skip to the next entry. Damn you, Google Reader!
  • I like the slight, but nice, updates to the Amazon Marketplace back end.
  • Have people just broken the Twitter habit, or is Twitter still haven’t issues with getting messages out? Things seem awfully slow this week
  • Time to reprogram Twitter in PHP, methinks.
  • Just realized that hits on the blog went up from the previous month in January for the first time since last March. The slide has ended!
  • Way to make church better: Your money back if the sermon contains more than two pop culture references related back to the day’s scripture.
  • Way to make church better: A big gong in the back. The second the sermon goes on too long, you race to the back to Gong the priest first.
  • Way to make church better: Bible Filk? No, wait, please no. No. NOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Yes, I am going to hell.
  • Singing with reconstructed video of dead people = Trashy Gimmick
  • @gordontheintern – we are, indeed, attempting to sell the condo. Weezie and I need to move on up.
  • Man, Aperture 2 and Apple TV 2 all in one day? I’d be ecstatic if I owned the hardware or wasn’t a die-hard Lightroom guy . . .
  • I want an Apple TV just to watch movie trailers on my TV. Is that wrong>
  • Photographers don’t call it Valentine’s Day. They call it Macro Flower Photography Day!
  • I’m out of witty things to say. This concerns me greatly. Need to exercise my Twitter muscles.