3 thoughts on “Say Good Night, HD-DVD

  1. After buying my PS3 shortly after they came out, I hesitated on buying any Blu-ray movies. Even though it had a built in BD player, I didn’t want to start investing in movies until it got to the point where I felt like BD would be the main format. Towards the middle of the year last year, I decided to start buying a few movies here and there.

    Well, in the last few months, the floodgates for me have opened and I have started taking advantage of all the Blu-ray sales that have been going on. I haven’t been disappointed at all and am hardly buying standard DVDs.

    I am not planning on upgrading all of my DVDs, just new releases and select movies that I want in high def. Of course if Blu-ray prices ever drop to the point where DVDs are, that might change as well!

  2. I’ve been holding out for a clear winner in the format war and now that we have one, I guess that it is time for me to start thinking about upgrading to HD and Blu-Ray.

  3. I bought an HD-DVD player around Thanksgiving last year, with the plan to also buy a PS3 when I could afford it, so I’d have both formats. I figured Blu-Ray would win, but that I’d still have another year or so of new HD-DVDs to choose from. Well, I haven’t been able to swing the PS3 yet, and now the format war is over.

    Oh well, I still have some beautiful discs that will play for years, and hopefully existing discs will come down in price, and I can get sets like “Planet Earth” for a steal.

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