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American Idol logoLet’s see if we can do this in less than 1000 words tonight. . .

One thing I’ll say at the start – girls can get away with ballads more than the guys. Beware the flu, though, it seems.

Kristy Lee Cook – “Rescue Me” – She sold her horse to go to Philly for IDOL auditions. The animal rights activists are lining up for the results show now. . . She’s country. Man, this song gets repetitive pretty fast. She didn’t do enough with it, I’m afraid. Too many “babes” in there. She’s a good singer and she did something different with the song, but it was too tame. Randy heard more off key notes than I did. She’s one of the sick contestants, it sounds like. Bronchitis? Ouch. Not good during a singing competition.

Can you imagine getting this far and then getting really ill and losing your one and only IDOL chance? (You can’t compete again after you’ve made the Top 24.)

Joanne Borgella – “Together Forever” (is that the title?) – After six seasons of this show, I sometimes feel like I’ve heard all of the songs they’re ever going to sing. She looks like she’s fighting her way through this song, whether it’s nerves or illness or insecurity with the song. She needs to move around a little more on the stage, too. She’s good, but not spectacular. Sounds like she’s forcing a little more soul into the song than she previously might have. Her parents are staring daggers at Simon. Ouch.

HDTV looks better without this laptop’s screen glaring off my glasses.

Alaina Whitaker – “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday” – Youngest contestant. Turns 17 tomorrow. She’s another infectious cute kid, like all the young contestants on this show turn out to be. Nice soft start. Segues into fast part OK. Sounds a little shouty, but looks a lot more confident than Joanne did. She wants this. Wow, she’s got some power. She’s great. Best of the night by far, though that’s not saying much.

Amanda Overmyer – I have no idea what the song title is – She’s the contestant I’m most curious to see perform tonight. Tough to scat over a guitar that loud. She’s being upstaged by the magnificent guitar work, and a song that nobody’s ever heard before. Bad song choice. Bad bad bad. It’s not good for your vocals. She doesn’t have much to do with this song. It’s very repetitive. She’s trying to make it a performance piece, but it’s shouty at best. That’s not so good, sadly.

Amanda: “C’mon, have you never heard the song before?”

Simon: “No.”

I agree with Simon, as all right-thinking viewers should.

Amanda’s words to the truck driver who hit her: “Sorry for pulling out in front of you, dude.” BWAH HA HA Give her the votes!

Fifi LeFume from Tiny ToonsAmy Davis – “Where the Boys Are” – She’s a “trade show model.” We all know what that means: “booth babe.” She missed that first note badly. I really like this song, though, going back to Fifi LeFume singing it on the Tiny Toons soundtrack. Oops, she’s having some pitch problems. This is a real vocal showcase song, and she’s just not hitting it, sadly. And I think she knows it. She doesn’t look ecstatic at the end there. Randy is about to rip her apart. Yup, there he goes. When Paula tells you the camera loves you, you have to know you’re in trouble. This is bad. And Simon is brutal, which is why we love him so. Brooke White – “So Happy Together” – They should do a Monkees Week. . . Country twang to her voice. I like it. She can smile through the song, which is tricky, I imagine. When she starts dancing, the vocals get lost a bit. Good mix of vocal and performance, though. Don’t know why she keeps grabbing her head, though. She avoided a couple of longer notes, but I liked it. I think a lot of people will like her, too. She’s memorable, fun to watch, can carry a tune. Good song choice.

Simon: “I just presume you’re going to be nice throughout this competition.”

America will love it. Alexandrea Lushington – “Spinning Wheel” – She’s the one whose great grandmother was hanging out with Ryan in the first audition. Can easily picture her in the dying ashes of the music industry today, since she looks straight out of MTV c. 1988. She has the right look and the right attitude. Plus, she can sing in that style. Not so sure about the falsetto, but the rest is strong. And she has that infectiously giddy attitude. Simon didn’t get it — I have to disagree with him on this one. It’s not my thing, but I think it really worked.

Randy is right — this season, it’s about being young.

Ryan can’t pronounce her name right, but I don’t think I could do it, either. It’s tough, like the local pronunciation of “Louisville.” I like when she lip syncs the cue cards Ryan is reading off of. Kady Malloy – “Groovy Kind of Love” – She’s 18 years old, so she’s young enough to be good this year. I like the tone of her voice. Needs to keep the mic further away from her mouth on the plosives. She seems so confident. She is doing some weird things with the words in going off the beat that’s getting a little annoying the more the song goes on, but at least she’s trying something. She should do a more powerful ballad next time and stick to the music more. Phil Collins gives it a better beat.

Paula starts off by telling her how cute she is — again, the kiss of death.

Uh oh, she’s not looking too good in reaction to Simon’s criticism. Of course, Simon did just compare her to a pencil, so who can blame her? She looks really really pissed. She’s struggling hard to not fight back. I don’t think she even wants to cry. She wants to rip his head off.

Oh, and now she’s defensive. Not good.

And she runs off the stage before Ryan can dismiss her. . .  Quick poll: Is she back there crying or punching the wall? Asia’h Epperson – “Take a Little Piece of My Heart” (something like that) – 19 and still flaunting the weird apostrophe-“h” in her name that drives me and my spellchecker nuts. She’s comfortable on the stage. Very confident. Jumps around to the music well. Sounds like she’s staying strongly on pitch. She’s a stand out on this show tonight. Simon says she’s the best of the night.

Ramiele Malubay – “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”  – Nice control. Soft and sultry voice. She’s acting well. This is a memorable ballad. Nadia Turner rocked this song a couple of years ago. And, yeah, that’s a HUGE voice out of someone who’s probably all of 5’2″. I’d love to hear her do the whole song. She’s good. And, as Randy pointed out, she stuck to the melody. That’s going to be KEY this year. Everyone is trying so hard to make the songs their own that they completely lose the melodies, which is sad.

Syesha Mercado – “Tobacco Road” – She liked talking to the camera in her Coca Cola moment. She’s worse than Garrett, who did the same last night. There’s a bit of a cocky attitude there that’s a turn off, but it’s too soon to judge her for that. This is a weird song choice for her. It’s something Amanda would be more likely to sing, I think. She’s got a strong voice, but it’s again overpowered by the band. And when the song goes soft and her voice should reach out, she’s weak. The beginning and ending are complete screamfests. I’m afraid that this will be her thing — diva-like shouting through songs.

And she accepts praise like someone who expects it and demands it. There’s something about her that annoys me.

Scarves are in this year, eh?

And I’m way past 1000 words. I’m taking a breather tomorrow night. But we still have to get past the professional singer who had a multi-album record deal, blew it, and is now back to American Idol. . .

Carly Smithson – I have no idea what song this is – Oh, she’s been repositioned. Her album now failed because the company imploded, not because she didn’t sell anything. Hunh. That’s an interesting way to tell the story. Onto the song — she can sing. Really really well. She’s in control. She knows how to use the mic. She can do great things with her voice. It’s a boring song, horrible choice. But as a little showcase for what her voice can do, it’s impressive.

And she did that despite bronchitis. Randy thinks it’s the best vocal of the Top 24. I think I have to agree with him. It was amazing. Hopefully, she’ll sing a better song next week.

Heh, Simon didn’t like the mic technique. Given that we just had a singer who popped her every “p” into the mic, I was quite happy with Carly’s mic technique.

Who’s going this week? Kristy Lee is in trouble from her pole position and forgettable song. Joanne was hardly inspirational, but I think she has a demographic that will support her. Amy had an awful performance with a bad song choice. Kady’s sour puss face might lose her votes. I’d give her another chance, though.

So Kristy and Amy are gone this week would be my guess.

Simon thinks there are 3 great guys and 3 or maybe 4 great girls. I think he’s about right on that one. They are fairly evenly matched at this point.

5 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 24 – Girls

  1. I dunno what was up with Simon last night. Tattoo Girl was easily the best of the two nights, and he completely failed to see it. I’m expecting him to take back his comments tonight.

  2. Carly had the best vocals of the guys and girls. I think Simon was looking for the “whole package/It Factor”, but didn’t get it from her performance. Given that she was obviously very sick, I’m not sure she could have given any more last night. I hope she can prove him wrong.

  3. LOL…I think the Kady girl is a complete psycho! I am sure she spent last night making a Simon voodoo doll and jabbing it a bunch of times. I was scared of her.

  4. My picks to go on: Asiah, Syesha, Carly, and Alexandrea! The guys haven’t impressed me so far!

  5. Brooke’s song, “So Happy Together”, is by The Turtles. A Monkees week would be interesting though.

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