Need advice: HDMI switch?

My TV has two HDMI ports in the back. Problem is, it’s very conceivable that I might need a third at some point. Thus, I’m looking into HDMI switches. Anyone reading this have one that they use and like? Budget willing, I’d love to get one that the Harmony Remote can be programmed to control, as well, though it’s not a necessity.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Need advice: HDMI switch?

  1. I just solved the exact same problem with a 3×1 switcher.

    I did some research and by far has the best prices and everyone was really happy with their purchase.

    Mine just came yesterday and, so far, completely happy with it…easy to use, no loss in picture or sound….nice small little unit. Not to mention they have awesome cheap HDMI cables.

  2. I have the Monoprice 5×1. It works great. Highly recommended.

    I also have a Harmony remote, the 880. The switch works perfectly with the remote for effortless TV/DVD/xbox/appletv/whatever viewing.

    Also check out Monoprice for the cable’s too, their prices are great and the cables are fine for short distances.

    Good luck.

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