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Well, I hit .500 tonight. I was right on Amy and Garrett. I didn’t call Colton or Joanne, though I did mention them as being potential problem spots at the end of my writeups. I honestly thought there was a demographic for Joanne that would vote for her, but I guess they either didn’t, or it wasn’t enough. Colton, I think, got hurt by not being featured on the show any earlier than Tuesday night, and by a performance that wasn’t the best of the night. I think he probably should have gone with a different song. In the end, he might not be right for this pop thing. I don’t know that I’d go as far as Simon did and tell him to get a good job and enjoy singing as, basically, a hobby. I just think he might be more right for Broadway.

Joanne had a bad night last night, but sang the heck out of the same song tonight. She’s the rare bird who sings her exit song better than she did on performance night. If she had done that well last night, she might have saved herself. Did anyone really think Amanda was in danger of leaving? (You could almost see her rolling her eyes during the group singalong at the beginning, too, which was funny.)

Garrett was funny in the blase way he took it. They cut him off the show in particularly short manner. And he just accepted it like it was no big thing. He had a bad song Tuesday night, and that’s why he’s gone. Ditto for Amy, really.

The girls cried. And cried and cried. I think Ramiele and Kady might both need tranquilizers when they get off stage. I’m sorry — you’ve all been together for a week now. You know what this show is about. Suck it up, be happy that you didn’t get cut, and move on. I hate reality shows where contestants proclaim their love for one another after being with them for three days.

The other big talking point for the show has to be Paula Abdul’s video, which is sad in so many ways.

  • They kept referring to it as her comeback, when she’s just one singer on an anthology album, with a song that likely won’t go anywhere.
  • She can’t sing. It’s so obvious. The entire vocal track is so heavily overdubbed by the computer that you can’t hear her voice in it at all. It’s like Cher’s “Believe” song from a few years back. There’s no vocal there – just a lot of 0s and 1s.
  • She can’t dance anymore, either. I recognize that she’s had back problems, but she didn’t do much dancing. She can still choreograph, I’m sure, but doing the moves was weak.
  • My oh my, she’s short.
  • They should show “Cold Hearted Snake” on next week’s results show. It might boost the ratings a bit, too.

5 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 24 – Results

  1. I felt bad for that Colton kid. I thought for sure there were about four people worse than him two nights ago. And then that line by Simon was just a bit cruel. Usually, I’m okay with what Simon says, but it just didn’t seem right during a live broadcast.

    I also felt bad for Joanne. I don’t know what went wrong, but to have to rocker girl (I forget her name) in the bottom three didn’t seem right either. I have no idea who voted. Seemed like a strange night.

  2. The kid who supposedly looks like Leif Garrett was really kicked out because he looks more like the guy in “The Warriors” who clicks the bottles together and says, “Warriors, come out and playyyy!”

  3. I was so hoping Ryan would ask Simon’s opinion of Paula’s video!

  4. I was also a little surprised that Colton and Joanne were cut this early, but I doubt they would’ve made the Top 12 anyway.

    Paula’s video was pretty cheesy. I laughed out loud when they showed Randy on the guitar.

  5. I wasn’t surprised by the cuts, but that video of Paula’s was a shocker. I think I’m still in shock! That comeback was really painful to watch, even more painful than seeing the cuts and the girls crying and crying and crying! ugh!

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