Total Eclipse of the Moon

Total Eclipse of the Moon, originally uploaded by AugieDB.

Spent nearly an hour outside taking shot after shot after shot. I adjusted for ISO, focal length, shutter speed, the works. Working in Manual mode is scary, but exciting. And when the moon finally disappeared, it lost the red color and the clouds moved in and I headed inside for good.

I definitely want to go back out some clear night with a full or near-full moon to try to pick just the bright white moon out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the glass to pull that off right now. This pic was taken at the full extension of my 28-135mm lens. I need one of those nifty 70-200mm’s that everyone likes to talk about. That’s at the lowest rung of what I need for a moon shot.

I think I shall just stick with the mountain trail photos.

Still, watching an eclipse was pretty cool. It’s amazing how quickly the moon slivers up and then finally dims. Cool stuff, even in the middle of light-happy suburbia.