One last Idol thought for the week

I have a certain level of ennui for AMERICAN IDOL this season, and I think I just figured out why. It’s not that we’ve “been here, done this” six times already. Sure, the initial bloom is off the rose and the innocence of the show has been lost to the slickness and the gltiziness, but that’s not the bothersome thing.

The thing that gets me is that the show lives in an age that’s quickly fading. The recording industry is broken, and now all the kids are competing for a recording contract with a company that relies on a distribution system that’s shrinking and can barely afford its own expenses. It’s a system that rewards the artist for performing and selling their own t-shirts, though I’m sure that’s all covered by the contract for the recording company to do it.

Or maybe I’m just being too cynical again tonight.

What do you think — is IDOL quickly becoming out of date in an industry that can’t meet up with a shifting market?  Or is IDOL a prime example of alternate ways to create and distribute music and its superstars?

One thought on “One last Idol thought for the week

  1. Idol is fun in and of itself — forget about the music industry and whether the contestants are going to sell, Augie.

    I got over my season-six ennui as soon as I saw this year’s contestants. I’m psyched, baby!

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