Two Reality TV Show Thoughts

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 features a particularly psycho selection of contestants this season.

Big Brother 9 features a particularly psychotic selection of contestants this season.

Have we lowered the bar THIS far on reality show contestants?  Are we running that low?  And is it bad that they make it all the more interesting to laugh at?

One thought on “Two Reality TV Show Thoughts

  1. While I wouldn’t watch America’s Top Model if you paid me to – I have just LOVED watching Big Brother this season. Unbelieveably – it has gotten more depraved than it was before – from the beginning teaming up strangers and forcing them to share a tiny bed ( or sleeping bag in some cases ) in the hopes that someone would have sex on-air. For whatever reason, CBS recently aired in primetime – the contestant’s discussion of one of them not being circumsized – which in the past would have been just left out of the broadcast.

    And speaking of psycho’s – having Jen out her real-life boyfriend.. who is also on the show.. as a huge racist – for no other reason then to get ahead in the game – is probably the most depraved character that has ever appeared on the show. I know people cheered watching when she left. Hopefully he dumps her ass ( even though honestly.. it was a pretty sweet ass othewhise ).

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