Lost Season Four, Episode Four

Lost LogoI’m finally all caught up, and I think this season is pretty gosh darn terrific. I loved this episode. They pulled a pretty good bit of slight of hand in this episode that I never saw coming. It brings up all sorts of questions. So what do you think? SPOILERS after the break and in the comments. Let’s discuss this one.

Just remember — don’t talk about the coming attractions. That way lies evil.

I want to hear your theories. How did Kate end up with Claire’s baby? And how did she cover this story when she arrived home? How does this fit into the whole flim flam shame the Oceanic “Survivors” concocted to cover for those who didn’t leave the island? And, once again, why that flim flam sham?

I’m really hating on the Writer’s Strike right now, because there’s no way they have enough episodes left to cover a tiny percentage of questions they’re raised at this point. I DEMAND ANSWERS!

I know I won’t get them, but I still demand them.

And forget “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” I want to know “How long can you bite down on a hand grenade with letting it go?” Oh, Locke, you lovable scoundrel! So lost, yet so deliciously evil in your own way.

8 thoughts on “Lost Season Four, Episode Four

  1. It was really funny because as I was watching this episode with my family, they all thought the baby might be Sawyer’s and the reason Jack was staying away is because of his hard feelings about the Sawyer/Kate relationship. But earlier during the episode, I threw out the comment that I bet the baby was Aaron. Of course everyone said it wasn’t likely, but I kind of picked up on the hints that maybe Kate couldn’t get pregnant. Should be very interesting to see what happened to cause all of this though! I was hoping to see what was going on with Sayid and Desmond and their trip to the freighter, but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit on that.

    Thank goodness the writer’s strike is over now! I had heard that they may have to condense the final 8 episodes down into 5. but I hope they keep it at 8 full episodes, just because I want to see everything that they had planned!

  2. A theory from a young lady I know is that Claire gave Kate Aaron. She referred back to a dream that Claire had first season about giving her baby up. I haven’t had a chance to go back and look to see how presicent that dream really was.

    And the fact that it was Aaron completely blew me away.

  3. My wife predicted about half-way through the show that the baby would turn out to be Aaron. So we weren’t too surprised.

    However, knowing that the baby is Aaron, why was Jack hesitant to see him? And what about what the psychic said way back in Claire’s Season 1 flashback–that if Claire isn’t the one to raise this baby, bad things will happen? Has his prediction come true in flash-forward time?

    I’ll have to say I didn’t like this episode as much as the previous three. I don’t think Kate is just that likeable when you get to know her. Kate-centric episodes always seem to disappoint me.

    And what was that about Sun saying “my baby” instead of “our baby” to Jin? I thought Juliet determined that the baby must have been conceived on the Island. That means Jin is the father, right? Or did Sun and Michael have something going on? It was revealed in one of the “mobisodes” on ABC.com that Sun and Michael kissed back in Season 1. Did it go further than that?

  4. We get 5 extra episodes, for 13 total. They’ve said we’ll still get to the same end point we would have with 16. I imagine a couple of characters just won’t get fleshed out as well now, and they’ll have to catch up next year.

    The big question for me wasn’t Aaron, althoug how he and not Claire leaves is a conundrum. It was the specifics Jack gave about the Oceanic Six. He said 8 people survived the crash, but 2 died on the “island”… which must be a different island, b/c I’m sure he’s lying and saying the plane crashed near Indonesia, where they found the fake Oceanic 815. Why on earth would they construct a fake story that involved 2 people surviving the crash, but not living past then? It seems unnecessarily elaborate. My guess is that 8 people get off, but 2 are killed to keep the other 6 in line. Why they allow 6 to leave (and who “they” are?)… I dunno.

  5. Boy does Kate clean up well. Anyways I was expecting her to call the baby James, after Sawyer, and that would be why Jack felt uncomfortable. But then I heard wrong at the end and thought it was called Eric. That confused me and it was only after reading up on the episode I got what the surprise was. Sawyer well called her out too the morning after they romped.

    The whole 8 survivors part must be this cover up that Jack mentioned to Hurley in the premiere although it seemed a bit too far-fetched that Kate’s sentence when from life to 10 years probation.

    The thing too with Miles and why it had to be exactly $3.2 million, a bit random. However it was funny to see him chew on a hand grenade. This season has been paced a lot quicker and I’m loving it.

  6. My wife thought Kate was pregnant and was testing Sawyer when she said she wasn’t. When he was through-the-roof happy about her NOT being pregnant, that’s when she left him. I was buying that explanation until we got to the end. Now I’m trying to figure out how she passes the baby off as her own. Is she claiming the baby is a survivor of the Oceanic flight that she’s adopted? I doubt it would work that way. Surely, her court case happened relatively shortly after they all returned to civilization — 6 months or so, max.

  7. There’s no way the court case happened that quickly. Aaron looked about 2 years old. He was born in October 2004, so that trial had to happen around fall 2006. I feel pretty confident the Oceanic 6 leave the island very soon (it’s Dec 2004 on the island), so she was pending trial for quite a while. That’s pretty typical, though, isn’t it? Especially if she’s so famous, that’d make jury selection tough.

  8. I think Kate’s story about where Aaron came from was that she gave birth on the island. She probably co-opted Claire’s story.

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