Twitters of Recent Past

You can follow the Twitters live as they happen, or what for the periodic updates here:

  • Recording a one hour Skype podcast: Fun. Editing it later when you realizing the MUTE button doesn’t mute the recording? PITA.

  • Photography teaches you that a second is a VERY LONG time.
  • Does nobody have a clue how to play Big Brother this season?!? Are they ALL incompetent game players?
  • Am looking into for backup needs. . . Amazon S3 is SO cheap.
  • Watching Victor Borge videos on YouTube. That there was a damned funny man.
  • American Idol 7 will be ruled by the young and infectiously cute.
  • Remember when eBay was an auction site and not a “Buy It Now!” site?
  • Lusting after new camera lenses. The more pics you take, the more lenses you convince yourself you need. Vicious cycle.
  • I bought a Canon camera, and so now Nikons are all the range. Sorry, Canon users. It’s all my fault you lost mindshare this year. me = jinx
  • Took lotsa pictures in the park. Snow is cool. Polarizing the sky is cool.
  • @globetrotteri – I’d love to get the Canon 10-22mm, but it’s about three times what I can afford at the moment.
  • @globetrotteri – So, instead, I’ll save up for the more doable 70-300mm from either Canon or Sigma. Not exactly L lenses, but suit my needs