New DVD Releases for 26 Feb 2008

It’s that time again! Fire up your DVD and Blu Ray players, and let’s get to work on what’s new this week:

  • Justice League: The New Frontier

Based on Darwyn Cooke’s insanely beautiful comic book mini-series. (It looks even better in the ABSOLUTE edition, trust me.) Can it possibly hold a candle to its source material? I guess we’re about to find out.

It’s available in the standard release form, as well as a two disc special edition set and a Blu Ray special edition.

The Best Buy special edition comes with a Green Lantern figurine, too.

  • Newhart: The Complete First Season

This is the Bob Newhart I grew up watching, and have such fond memories of. Remember when Monday nights were CBS nights? (OK, besides this and then Murphy Brown, just what was on the schedule for CBS on Mondays that causes me to remember it fondly? I can’t remember anymore.

  • The Smurfs, Season One, Volume 1

I hope you caught the link on this blog earlier in the week about the CGI movie that’s forthcoming. I’m still holding out hope for a comic book revival/translation.

  • Hotel Babylon: Season One

A BBC production. Anthony Stewart Head (of VR.5 fame) did a guest stint in an episode of this.

  • Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale

I still haven’t caught the two seasons of this show, but it appears to have followed THE OFFICE’s structure — two seasons, a Christmas special, and done. This disc stands alone. It was previously available as part of the complete series set.

  • Beowulf

Yes, that’s right. There are actual movies out this week, too! This one is written by comic scribe Neil Gaiman and features rotoscoped animation of a naked Angelina Jolie, as well as another excuse for everyone to write about the Uncanny Valley.

As a special bonus, there’s an HD-DVD version of the disc out this week, as well. Instant relic!

  • 30 Days of Night

I’m not trying to stuff this week’s release list with comic book references, but I can’t help it. This one is based on the comic book. AND it’s live action.

  • The Last Emperor

Why is this just coming out now? It’s not — this is the Criterion Collection edition of the movie. Impressive.

It’s a big big week. What else are you looking at? What’s on your Must Buy list?

5 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 26 Feb 2008

  1. Definitely looking forward to getting New Frontier and Smurfs this week!

  2. Checking Wikipedia, Newhart started out with: Square Pegs, Private Benjamin, MAS*H, Newhart, Cagney & Lacey.

    Next year: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, AfterMAS*H, Newhart, Woman to Woman (I have no idea what that last one is)

    Then: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Kate & Allie, Newhart, Cagney & Lacey

    Two years later: Kate & Allie, My Sister Sam, Newhart, Designing Women, Cagney & Lacey

    Then: Frank’s Place, Kate & Allie, Newhart, Designing Women, Cagney & Lacey

    1988-89: Newhart, Coming of Age, Murphy Brown (Nov.), Designing Women, Almost Grown (Nov.)

    Finally: Major Dad, The People Next Door, Murphy Brown, The Famous Teddy Z (?), Designing Women, Newhart

  3. I remember Scott Bakula’s ill-fated sitcom “Eisenhower and Lutz” fitting in there in the late ’80s.

    “The Famous Teddy Z” was Jon Cryer’s first sitcom, he played a young talent agent. Alex Rocco played a great sleazy agent on that show.

  4. And there was a stretch in there when the night started off with “Live-In,” which was critically panned but beloved by every guy I knew at the time. (We were in high school; the premise was, a family takes in a hot Australian teen girl to help out around the house.)

    There was also “Heartland” right after that, a Brian Keith sitcom set on a Nebraska farm; it resonated with a lot of us in Arkansas. The only thing I vividly remember about it: There’s a breakfast one morning and the son came down with bedhead, and the jokes about it were both fun at his expense and mocking every other show where people wake up looking glamorous. Good stuff.

  5. Thanks, Senor Flinn! That’s what I was thinking of — Kate And Allie and Designing Women, mostly. But that’s not a bad lineup surrounding it. I remember TEDDY Z, as well, though I didn’t much like it at the time. Maybe I’d appreciate it now with the wisdom of age.

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