This Yahoo thing gets better every day

Fox Said To Be Exploring Termination Of Google Advertising Deal

Even while parent company News Corp. continues to try to disrupt the Microsoft/Yahoo merger, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is rumored to be in negotiations with Microsoft take Google’s place as the MySpace advertising partner.

To recap, then: Microsoft wants to buy up Yahoo. It’s a hostile takeover bid.

Yahoo is resistant to becoming part of the Evil Empire.

Yahoo begins round the clock negotiations with FOX Interactive to find a way to make a deal work with them to keep Microsoft away.

But before all this happened, FOX Interactive (owners of MySpace) made a deal with Google for advertising on the heavily-trafficked social network web site with some of the worst design in post-millenium history.

Now, FOX is considering pulling out of their deal with Google to make a better deal with Microsoft for ad revenue, while at the same time trying to work a deal with Yahoo to prevent Yahoo from having to sell themselves to Microsoft.

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this soap opera. It’s almost as much fun as watching the fall of HD-DVD — a technology Microsoft championed.