AI7 – The Girls – Round of 20

American Idol logoOddly enough, Ryan dressed up more for the guys than the girls this week.

Carly Smithson – works at an Irish Bar – “Crazy On You” – The show enders from last week (Carly and Michael Johns) are both opening the shows this week. Why is she always looking up? The vocal is nice. The song is a little on the safe/boring side, but she’s doing a good job with it. Lotsa screaming there at the end. This felt like more of an Amanda song, though. Just like Michael Johns, she picked the song because she always wanted to sing it. (Rarely is this a good idea.) Simon’s right that she hasn’t connected with the right song, yet. What is she? Rocker? Balladeer? I don’t know but he’s right that she has a strong voice.

Syesha Mercado – has done local commercials – “Me and Mr(s). Jones” – I’m not sure this song needed to be slowed down any more, but she has great vocal control with it. Sadly, that doesn’t save her from an overall boring performance.

Brooke White – went to beauty school – “You’re So Vain” – Her voice is perfect for Carly Simon, isn’t it? She went with the acoustic guitar, though I’m not sure it helped her. Didn’t hurt, though. She sounded great. Simon “absolutely loved it.”

Ramiele Malubay – Polynesian Dancer (fancy term for Hula Dancer) – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – Very breathy start. Seems oddly off beat, but that’s likely on purpose. She hasn’t moved yet off that spot on the stage she started on. While her arms are moving and her hips are going, it’s a bit odd that she hasn’t left that mark. That wasn’t all that good, I didn’t think. Kinda karaoke, honestly, and wee bit pitchy. I agree with Randy — bad song choice. “Just kinda laid there,” he just said. That’s the best way to put it.

Hunh, Simon is getting married this spring, eh? Nearly spit up his Coke when Ryan make a crack about it.

Ooh, I just had to rewind back to see the iPod Touch commercial. Nice.

Kristy Lee Cook – is a tomboy and can’t walk in heels – “You’re No Good” – That’s a very shiny outfit. A little redundant of a song and a bit karaoke, but she has a stronger/more powerful voice than I think many would have given her credit for before this. Scratch that — this was a very redundant song. If I hear “You’re No Good” one more time. . . It never shifted into second gear, as I like to say, but it worked for her despite that. And now Randy agrees with me almost point for point. Hunh. I must be getting better. She’s promising more of a country tune next week. Yeeha.

Amanda Overmyer – is a bookworm – “Carry On My Wayward Son” – Looks like Kelly Clarkson with The Bride of Frankenstein’s wig on. Hmmm, when she sings the softer lower notes, she sounds weak. She needs to be screaming to sound decent. I worry for her long term viability as a contestant on this show. Very bad song choice.

And, yes, that was another song recently used on DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS. The band must enjoy the duplication an awful lot. As the music plays the judges off, Simon says, “It’s the Oscars!” heh heh heh

Alaina Whitaker – likes to keep her food separated – “Hopelessly Devoted To You” – Uh oh. Is this going to be one of those songs that the girl just wants to sing because she really really loves it and not because it fits her? Like, ohmigod, it’s GREASE? HOW COOL! Thankfully, she’s got a great voice. Really. This song is silky-smooth. She switches to the high notes without a problem, but then doesn’t carry that first one right. Whoops. Wait, she’s really straining at the top of the high hard notes. She hit the last couple all right, though. It started off very strong, but faltered a tad. It’s a bit karaoke.

Yup, and there she goes admitting it’s one of her favorite songs. You couldn’t see THAT ONE coming a mile away.

Simon thinks her grandmother picked out that dress. Uhm, no. Grandma would never pick out something strapless, or with heels that high. He might be right about being a little “pagaenty. . . “

Ooh, Simon and Ryan are going back to the homoerotic subtext back-and-forth.

Alexandrea Lushington – poster child for the Atlanta Fire Dept – a Chicago song whose title I don’t know: “Please Don’t Go”? – I have no appropriate way to describe what she’s wearing. It’s an odd combination of things. Safe song choice. Solid vocals, nothing spectacular. She tried to “make it her own” at the end there, but it did nothing for me. Forgettable.

Randy: “What’cha think?”

Alexandrea: “It’s over.” (She meant the song, not her Idol tenure, here.)

She knew it was a bad choice as soon as it was over. She looks beaten. It’s definitely a big disappointment over last week.

Ooh, and now she’s giving Simon the stink-eye, after shrinking in front of Randy and Paula.

Now she’s being defensive to Ryan. Weird. There’s a whole range of attitudes here.

Kady Malloy – can do opera – some Heart song: “Magic Man” maybe? – Can’t hear her at the start. Band is too loud. The mix is bad again. Maybe it’s just a bad bad song choice. I could watch the guitarist work all day. He’s good. This is a weird song. She has moments of inspired singing, but the whole thing doesn’t hold together for me at all. She loves the song, but it was awful. Randy flat out says it didn’t work.

Asia’h Epperson – cheerleader – “All By Myself” – Perfect Idol song. One of my all time favorites, though I was just thinking back to it this morning. Friend Shawn B. asked me if there’s every been an Idol Moment as early as last night’s with “Imagine.” The first one that came to mind was LaToya London‘s version of “All By Myself.” In the third season, they didn’t separate things into Boys vs. Girls. They did separate groupings. She was in Group 3. It included the likes of Jon Peter Lewis, Elizabeth Letendre, Amy Adams, and Leah LaBelle. How do I remember this all? I looked up my original writeup of that show. (Wow, I love my archives sometimes.) London didn’t make it nearly as far as she deserved to make it on the show, but did release an album a couple of years later that was a dud, including a full version of “All By Myself” that loses the raw power and energy of the live performance.

Thanks to YouTube, you can watch that song all over again. It’s still amazing. She’s clear. She’s precise. She added in her own flourishes. (Simon looks heavy.)

Gina Glocksen even attempted it last season. She was better than Asia’h was this season. But that original version of “All By Myself” is an Idol Moment of the earliest kind. It’s impossible to compare it, time-wise, to Round Two of this breakdown of Idol, but I’m giving Latoya the credit here for earliest Idol Moment, anyway.

That brings us to Asia’h on the same song, 4 years later. It’s nowhere near Latoya London’s. It’s nearly a crash and burn, I think. Was she purposefully underpowering it, or is she just unable to hit the notes?

To me, she just cheated on every power note that she had the opportunity to blow the roof off the place with.

Miserable failure.

Randy is already making apologies for her. She was sick this week, it seems. And then he tells her she did a really good job with it. No. She didn’t. The song was bigger than her. She didn’t bring it home. Someone BitTorrent me that London performance.

Simon is the only honest one there. “The truth is, you’re not that good a singer.”

Simon: “You’ve got to know your limitations, Ryan, something you’ve managed to do quite well in your career. No, it’s true. That’s why you’re on the Red Carpet.”

Ryan: “Towards the end of yours, you’ve accomplished a lot, too.”

I still think Simon won that round.

So who goes home this week? Asia’h and Alexandrea? What about Syesha? Or Kady? Or Amanda? I think the early attention on Amanda puts her through for another week. Kady sang a song that the voting population for this show loves, so don’t expect her to lose. I’m going with Asia’h and Alexandrea, with Syesha a close third.

De Blieck Out!

7 thoughts on “AI7 – The Girls – Round of 20

  1. I’ll agree with your predictions, although I am a little worried for Amanda. I always like the “rocker” contestants, so I hope she’ll stick around for a bit longer. I didn’t like her performance at all though. I almost thought you were going to call it a crash and burn today. I do agree that Asia’h crashed hard last night.

  2. I didn’t think many of the performances were very memorable, although I did think Brooke was much better this week. Bad song choice seems to be the recurring theme this year for most of the contestants. It’s a toss-up, but I’ll pick Syesha and Alaina to get booted.

    Since we’ve had songs from the 60’s and 70’s now, does that mean next week will be the 80’s?!?

  3. I agree 100% on the guitarist. A little bit of searching seems to reveal that his name is Paul Jackson Jr.,

    I’m predicting Alaina and Kristy Lee, just nothing very special about them.

    Thanks again for another season of commentary, Augie!

  4. I’m taking Asia’h and Amanda as the eliminated this week. Amanda especially because she really really looked like she didn’t want to be there anymore. Maybe she was sick..I don’t know. I would’ve picked Kady Malloy but I think America wil give her another shot. The girl can definitely sing but like the judges said…she just hasn’t picked the right song yet.

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