AI7 – Results – Round of 20

Wow, we got ourselves a shocker this week. It’s always fun when you’re down to the bottom two contestants and one has her head tilted to the side, nodding, and accepting her fate. Then, Ryan tells her she’s safe. It was almost painful to watch. Surely, the better singer went home tonight. Alaina didn’t deserve to go. Heck, she didn’t deserve the critical drubbing the judges gave her last night, either. In rewatching it tonight, it was almost entirely unwarranted on every level. Kady should have been the one to go. Aside from having a killer Britney impersonation, she’s not defined herself yet. She picked an awful song this week. She never showed off what she had, and yet she’s getting another chance.

I’m in disbelief that the person who sang a GREASE song just got kicked off. C’mon, that’s the kind of song that the prime voting demographic for this show eats up. I don’t get it.

I really thought we were going to have a complete mental breakdown on stage with Alaina. I didn’t think she’d get through her song. The hardest part is starting it, I guess. Once she did, the well-trained and well-practiced performance stuff kicks in and takes over, for the most part. The tin foil hat wearing part of me thinks Ryan gave her the choice to not sing as a way of shaming her into singing, knowing full well that the other girls would prop her up and make her sing. (Did you catch one of them telling her that a record producer might be watching, so she had to sing? Wow, those kids are devilish these days.)

Oh, and Alexandrea is out this week, too. Oddly enough, she sang her Chicago song better after being eliminated than she did on the performance show. I thought it was very cute how she ran over to hug David Archuleta after her song. He was weeping like a little girl. Luke looked like a concerned older brother in propping him up through the song.

Once again, my predictions this week ran .500. The same thing happened with the men. I picked Jason Yeager and Danny Noriega. The latter was clearly wishful thinking. Yeager was almost a no-brainer. He’s so dang cheesy and theatrical that he’s annoying. Losing Robbie is a bit surprising, but not a great loss at all. I was hoping he’d rip off his wig at the end of his song on live TV, but I didn’t see it. Not unless it happened after the credits finished rolling.

Or, you know, it could all be unfounded internet rumor.

I never considered Robbie as a potential elimination, but yet it didn’t surprise me.

In other news: I read the news this morning that IDOL got the Beatles catalog rights at long last. Then Seacrest announced the happy news.  I wonder if we’ll see a Ringo or a McCartney mentor week now? I have one other thought on this that I’ll save for a separate post.

And IDOL Gives Back returns this year. Everyone set your calendars — it’ll be a double elimination week the following week.

4 thoughts on “AI7 – Results – Round of 20

  1. If Archuleta reaches the finale — if he doesn’t meet a Daughtry-type end — I don’t see him losing. Say it’s Tattoo Girl left standing with him. The Wal-Mart crowd is never going to vote for a girl with a hideous tattoo on her arm over this clean-cut kid.

    Um, was there something going on between Archuleta and last night’s evictee? I mean something more than what we saw last night?

  2. David A. and Alexandrea have know each other for a long time. She lost the Star Search title to him when he was 11 years old. I would assume they were good friend.

  3. Our first stunner of the season. Alaina I would say is good enough to make it to the Top 12 but probably wouldn’t have gone very far after that.

    The night’s awkward moment – Alexandrea finding out she had just been eliminated. Seacrest goes to grab her hand to comfort her and she noticibly backs off in the “Don’t touch me” way.

  4. Augie, are you watching any of season 2 on AI REWIND? I’m wondering what your impressions are.

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