Happy Blog Anniversary (of a sort)

The previous entry is the 5,000th blog post to Various and Sundry. I thought for sure that I wouldn’t realize it until long after I posted it, but there we have it now.

This is post #5001.

It doesn’t really mean much, but it does make my fingers feel a little more tired than they did five minutes ago.

Maybe in another 5000 posts, I’ll finally find a focus for this site.

2 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary (of a sort)

  1. Happy 5k, Augie!

    I, myself, tried blogging a post a day starting with the New Year. I got midway through February before realizing that I didn’t like how a lot of the posts were utter crap, and so I’ve decided that quality is better than quantity.

    The fact that you’ve had 5000 posts, most of which are not of the “Hey, it’s late, I’m tired, have a quick post” variety, is most impressive. Good work, sir.

  2. Thanks, Phil. But most of my posts are utter crap, too. They’re just long-winded. ;-)

    After awhile, you build up a routine, recurring posts, something close to a schedule, and it all starts to come together. Unfortunately, it can take five years to get there sometimes.

    Still, I wish this blog were more focused on one thing, but then it wouldn’t really be “various and sundry,” you know? It would get tedious and too much like work.

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