Saturday Dump of Links

  • Bad Microsoft! Bad! This kind of behavior isn’t exactly unique to Microsoft, though, and the end result isn’t too surprising, but that doesn’t excuse it, either.
  • There’s at least two reasons I knew that Apple wouldn’t be introducing Blu Ray drives into their laptops last week. First, it’s too soon. Those units that went on sale probably started production BEFORE the war was over. Second, battery life. I can’t imagine that Blu Ray doesn’t suck the life out of batteries, given the way Flash and every other video playing bit of software does at a faster rate than most everything else. Here’s confirmation on the battery life. I still think you’ll see Blu Ray drives on the Mac Pro first. It’s always plugged in, so battery life isn’t an issue there. You’ll likely never see Blu Ray in an Air.
  • Happy March, everyone!