Link File: The Yo-Yo Man

Yo Yo ManThe Yo-Yo Man is Tommy Smothers. You kids today probably have no clue who the Smothers Brothers were. I only really came to know them in their short-lived attempt at reviving The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the late 80s. (Others remembered the original series from the 1960s.)

That’s also when I learned to enjoy the fine art of the Yo-Yo Man.

I even had the “Learn at Home” VHS tape that taught me how to do some basic tricks.

I even did a Yo Yo Man routine for the seventh grade talent show. Sure, the teacher in charge of it at first thought it would be too silly for the show, but I think she relented when she realized there weren’t enough people volunteering to do a whole show. And the one kid playing “The Pink Panther” theme on the piano and the other gaggle of girls preparing to do a dance routine to “Everyone Walk the Dinosaur” wasn’t going to display enough versatility of the young troupe. And so it was that I nervously did the Yo Yo Man comedy routine/yo yo trick show.

All I remember from it anymore is that I blew the punchline. After telling a carefully crafted story about an evil drug guy that I took down with my yo-yo, I was supposed to “Just Say Yo.” Forgot about that once I got on stage, though. Whoops.

I did find a Yo Yo Man page, which looks like it hasn’t been updated in many years. Either that, or someone with a web design sensibility of 1998 did it, complete with obnoxious animated GIF files. . .

You Tube has some fun videos:

Here’s hoping some of this will help you, too, achieve the blissful state of Yo this weekend.

One thought on “Link File: The Yo-Yo Man

  1. I also was introduced to the Smothers Brothers through their 80s revival show. I became obsessed with the yo-yo and would watch the whole show just for the 2 minutes that Tom would do his tricks.

    Speaking of tricks…there was a comedian that sang a song on the show called…”Don’t Pet the Dog”. I think the main lyric was …He ain’t been fixed, he knows some tricks, that’ll sure make a fool outta you…so… don’t pet the dog.

    Hilarious to my 10-year-old mind.

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