Life is a highway

Life is a highway, originally uploaded by AugieDB.

That’s just a fancy title for a little chunk of Route 287, seen from above. I really like the way the highway bends in this picture. There’s a quarry just off to the left beyond where this picture cuts off. I need a wide angle lens. . .

8 thoughts on “Life is a highway

  1. Hey, nice pic! Sure, I’ve seen mountains from the highway before, but everything fits together well.

    Happy birthday, by the way…

  2. Hello hello from Twitter land. I’m known as globetrotteri. I just stopped by to take a look around because I know you purchased a new camera a short while ago and I wanted to see the amazing things you’re doing with it. Terrific photo by the way. Are you posting your photography anywhere else?

  3. Thanks, Phil! It was, indeed. Now, it’s just March 4th. Yuck.

    Carrie – thanks for stopping by! Right now, the only place I post my pics are on

  4. That’s a cracking picture, really sharp quality too. We don’t have any roads like that over here so it’s nice to see one. Belated wishes for your birthday too!

  5. Every time I ride that strtech of 287, I’m reminded of how much damage the Northern end of the NJ Turnpike has done to folks’ impression of Jersey. A very pretty ride.

  6. Thanks, Paul. Its a really nice lens with image stabilization, which helps. And a little curves adjusting in Lightroom didn’t hurt, either. The original photo looked a little washed out — not surprising, given that I took it at 3:00 in the afternoon, with the sun fairly high in the sky.

    Tosy – There’s lots of lovely stretches of NJ highway, but you’re right — most people only see the crappy part that leads into or around NYC. They don’t see the rest of the state, so they judge everything by the likes of Elizabeth and Newark. (Not that I mean to romanticize this particular stretch of road, mind you. It’s OK, but it’s not exactly a scenic vista.)

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