Twitters for a Monday

Here’s the latest batch of Twitterisms from the last week. Visit my Twitter account to see them as they happen!

  • @gruber – for your HDMI cable needs. I think I paid $6 for a six foot cable there most recently. Not that shipping is cheap
  • Why would I watch a movie awards show when I haven’t watched any movies this year?
  • @justnathan – oddly, the fashion is the least interesting part of the Oscars for me. Yeah, I’ll just catch Go Fug Yourself in the morning.
  • Sometimes, you have to realize that it’s just NOT your night for Guitar Hero and walk away. I’m very zen about it tonight.
  • @jbacardi – I don’t care WHO August Rush is, I just root for whoever they are/he is based on that NAME along. “August” rules!
  • @justnathan – TV is not always right, unless it’s HIGH DEF TV. Then, thou must obey, in extra resolution!
  • When tracking an item on, you no longer need to check off the box to agree to their T&S. Very cool!
  • If the upcoming HULK movie is an homage to the TV series, then they learned nothing from the debacle of Superman Returns. Discuss.
  • No MacBreak Weekly podcast this week? This is sad.
  • Greatest comic of the year, by far: All Star Batman #9. Brilliant! (See Pipeline this week for why.)
  • This week’s ep of One Tree Hill just tried way too hard to do what Dawson’s Creek was doing so well in its second season. Too forced.
  • Looking forward to reviews of the new Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Lens. Might be my next lens. MIGHT be.
  • Perusing Soleil. BEAUTIFUL comics. We’ll never see 99% of ’em in the States. I wanna move to Paris.
  • Got the Wii Zapper today. The Wiimote will leave the Guitar Hero III controller for the first time since Christmas tonight now.
  • @ronxo – my wife looked at me through LOST and said “I don’t get it.” I didn’t even try to explain it to her. Some people can’t accept it.

One thought on “Twitters for a Monday

  1. I have to agree on All Star Batman #9 being a pretty damn good book, it has finally become a higher-calibre book.. finally. Up until now, it’s essentially been DC’s MAX version of Batman- Batman gone completely grim & gritty beyond anywhere he’s been in the mainstream DCU. Here – the repercussions of Batman being this grim & gritty – and it’s effects on his young charge Dick Grayson – are fuly explored – and guess what – there’s a human being under that cowl … finally. Turns out, this book is really about the redemption of Batman/Bruce Wayne. And.. if you’ve never been impressed by Robin before.. pick this issue up for a surprise.

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