New Releases for 04 March 2008

First, some TV shows:

  • Ben 10: Season Three

The kids are eating this up. The comic fans are impressed that something created by “one of their own” is so darn popular.

  • The Love Boat: Season One, Volume OneThe Love Boat - Season One, Vol. 1

Admit it– you just sang the theme song to the show in your mind when you read the title. I know I did. . .

  • Blood Part 1

I remember kinda sorta liking the original short that this series is based on.  Whether that means the new series will be any good, though, is up in the air That’s it. Onto the movies:

  • Into the Wild

Written and directed by Sean Penn, about a college kid who sells everything and runs off to the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Looks incredibly silly, which means it’s one of those bulletproof family movies that will do well no matter the quality.

  • Things We Lost in the Fire

Benicio Del Toro and Halle Berry. Now you know as much as I know about the movie.

Also available in HD-DVD format. Whoops.

Coming up tonight: American Idol, Guys, Round of 16.

2 thoughts on “New Releases for 04 March 2008

  1. And coincidentally enough, Into the Wild and Things We Lost in a fire are the last two HD DVDs being produced by Paramount. So, all of their other HD DVD releases that had been announced, are now canceled. That includes next weeks Bee Movie as well. I do find the humor in Things We Lost in a Fire being one of the last releases though.

  2. Into The Wild was really a great film, I’d recommend it to anyone.

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