AI7 – The Girls – Round of 16

American Idol logoIn case Ryan didn’t overenunciate it enough for you — or last night’s guitar malfunction wasn’t proof enough — the show is LIVE this week.

Paula looks better with her hair back. But there’s no need for her to bash 80s fashion. ::sigh::

Asia’h Epperson – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Yeah, they may be avoiding the big hair and leggings (although I hear Zubaz are coming back), but the high-waisted pants are ten times uglier, Paula. And here’s our first leader in that department for the second week in a row. Doing a Whitney song is a guarantee that Simon will hate you. Not a smart move.

She sounds a little nasal, but is decent. Probably a bit too karaoke, though. Upbeat, on key, but not special enough.

She still stunk up the joint last week. I ain’t forgetting that one.

Kady Malloy – “Who Wants To Live Forever” – Wow, strong start. She can actually hold those low notes. The transition to the high power notes had one little wrinkle. She sang it well, but the arrangement is crap. The song lost all of its power and charm. This was a safe performance of a strong song. She undersold it. This could have been an Idol Moment type of song, but it didn’t work. Paula is probably right that it’s her best song so far, but I don’t think it’s enough.

Simon is right that she wasn’t emotional enough. That’s a big part of it. She was robotic.

Does she have a ring on every finger?

Amanda Overmyer – “I Hate Myself for Loving You” – Her face is dead when she sings. It’s like she’s thinking too hard to remember the next line. She has less emotion that Kady, I think. She can strut across the stage and can scream at the right time, but I don’t buy what she’s selling, if I’m being honest. Watch this performance again and I think you’ll see it. She looks bored — robotic, almost. Sounds good. Good song choice. But there’s a disconnect between her face and her performance.

At least she dropped the Bride of Frankenstein hair.

I think she’s a safe bet for being in the Top 12, but I have issues with her.

Is she just scared of being on stage? She looks uncomfortable, even to Simon.

Carly Smithson – “I Drove All Night” (OK, I admit it — I don’t know the title of this one. Did I get it right?) – More high waisted pants. I’m not sure I love this as an Idol song, but it’s certainly a power-note-a-palooza. Honestly, it bored me, but she can sing. Impressive. Like Simon said, she’s a million times better than that song.

Kristy Lee Cooke – “Faithfully” – Ooh, good country-like song choice for her. Very good start. It’s tough to hear this song without hearing Steve Perry’s voice. (And I’m sure Randy will remind us of his Journey involvement as soon as the song is done.) I think it went a little off the rails in the second half. Not sure if she lost the key or what, but it sounded a lot better in the first half than down the stretch there.

Good song choice. Well done, but I would like to listen back to it to see if the last part was bad, or if the band just got too loud for her mic or something. Hmmm…

Commercial time: Julianna MarguliJulianna Margulieses’ eyebrows have certainly become more arched, haven’t they?

Ramiele Malubay – “Against All Odds” – Here’s someone dressing with hints of the 80s. Finally. And, HEY! I was only off by one day for this song. I’m picking up some weird accent with her phrasing. Odd. I could do without the extra vibratto, and there’s something dead in her eyes, again. She did her own thing with it, but it didn’t feel completely comfortable. Randy said he thought she was thinking too much, and maybe that’s it.

Paula’s mutt soliloquy is just too precious. That ought to be a YouTube video hit tomorrow.

Ryan is trying to drag the background story for the song out of Ramiele, but she’s not giving it up. This show is out of control.

Commercial time: I want to see 21: THE MOVIE. I loved the book. And it’s rare that they make a movie based on a book I’ve read, so I’m looking forward to this one.

We’re back from commercial, and now Simon has the giggles.

Apple LogoiTunes has the songs and videos to download. And with the Apple SDK announcement tomorrow and nothing scheduled for next Tuesday, I smell BEATLES on the iTunes Music Store, March 11th.

Brooke White – “Love Is A Battlefield” – Just an acoustic guitar in the background. Slowed down. Now UNPLUGGED. A little country twang. Her voice gets a little squeaky when she reaches for the higher notes, which is weird. I give her credit for trying something new and different, but it’s not as strong as I would have hoped.

There is a whole separate show going on by the judges’ table tonight, isn’t there? The contestants are starting to look lost.

Paula actually got something right — the song needed to build up more. She didn’t need the band, I don’t think, but she needed to let it grow into something bigger than it did. Still, I liked it overall. I think she’s good enough to go through to the next round.

Whitney HoustonSyesha Mercado – “Saving All My Love For You” – High waisted shorts. We’re going to see a lot of them this season, aren’t we? I should stop fixating on this. But the fake eyelashes are a bit distracting, nonetheless. Forget that, she went with a Whitney song. If they do 90s week next week instead of The Beatles, I expect she’ll be singing Mariah along with Ramiele and Asia’h.

That all said, she’s got a strong voice. Karaoke? Yes. But I haven’t heard another singer this season who can so effortlessly switch to the power and the high note and back.

Ooh, time’s running out, so the judges give her short shrift. Given how this show has been going tonight, I think she’s better off that way.

Asia’h is in trouble as being the least of the Whitney Wannabes tonight. Kady is still in trouble. Ramiele could have issues this week. I think the latter two are going home this week.

And, ouch, but this laptop is starting to burn. . .

De Blieck Out!

4 thoughts on “AI7 – The Girls – Round of 16

  1. Finally someone agreeing with me about Whitney Wannabe’s. I think there are too many idol views who will vote for the two worst performances of the night because they are black. of all of the Black women, hell all of the women putting out songs in the 80’s why did they try to be second rate Whitney Houstons?

  2. Bottom three were Kady, Kristy Lee and Krispy Kreme — er, I mean Ramiele. Kady definitely has to go, and I’d say also Kristy Lee. Keep Ramiele for the controversy/fun factor.

  3. Ramiele, Asia’h and David A. aren’t going anywhere because they have to be in the summer concert tour to sell tickets to the tweens! I believe they are safe to the top 10!

    Syesha, man that girl makes singing so effortless. Her and Carly are definetly the pros this season!

  4. I thought of Cyndi Lauper right away when I heard “I Drove All Night” — love that song, but not so big on Carly’s boring version. I’m also sick of the Whitney wannabes. Honestly, the girls as a whole aren’t really that memorable for me yet.

    I think Kady is toast tonight, and maybe Syesha.

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