AI7 – Results – Round of 16

Let’s just cut to the chase and point out that my batting average improved to .750 this week:

Luke? Yup.

Danny? Yup.

Kady? Yup.

Asia’h? Nope, though I did say she was in trouble and put her in the bottom three. Close, but no cigar. I think she lost because nobody recognized her anymore. Watching her “journey” video, I counted at least EIGHT different hair styles. I barely recognized her from week to week.

Blake was cool.

Paula is absurd — I bet we’ll never see these four ever again. This isn’t the beginning of their career. They’ll do commentary for their local radio or television station near the end of the season, or maybe next. But none of them will ever have a hit record. MAYBE you’ll see Luke doing musical theater of some sort. MAYBE Danny will get some prominent magazine interviews, but that’s it. They’re all dead to me now. Time to move on.

I quite like the Final 12 this year. It’s an interesting group. There’s some cannon fodder in there, for sure, but there isn’t anyone I can point to as clearly not belonging in the finals this year. Nobody got through who didn’t deserve it. Bring it on!

7 thoughts on “AI7 – Results – Round of 16

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  2. They had the second-weakest female standing right there next to Asia’h, and then Asia’h was dismissed. You blew it, America. But you got the other three right, so I forgive you.

  3. Barely paying attention this year but man, am I glad to see Danny go. Found myself actually enjoying Blake’s performance…I may be a bit biased due to infamous Hollywood High-Five sketch.

  4. Pretty much the people who I thought would go went. Now for the main event. Hopefully Paula will learn how to speak and give a “yes, I liked it” or “no, I did not”. Her rambling is annoying the heck out of me this season. And I loved Blake’s performance. One of my favorite songs on his new album.

  5. Wow…I was just not feelin Blake but hey… I say this every year….America may not have gotten the order 100% right this week but it would not matter in the end. All of them were going. My daughter the rendition of Day Dream done this year…it’s amazing…she’s three and dances and sings it…hysterical.

  6. I thought Blake was cool, but the band was “lip syncing” the song and it was so obvious.

    I hadn’t heard anything from Blake’s album and it was good to see him perform again.

    You can tell he’s above what the judges are saying and should be. I liked what he said in regards to their advice.

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