Time to catch up!

I’ve been remiss.  I’ve let the weekly “Ask Various and Sundry” feature lapse.  I’m sorry about that.

So, the mic is open.  What do you want to talk about?  Discuss it all in the comments.  Fire your questions away and I’ll answer them in the next week.

7 thoughts on “Time to catch up!

  1. How did you weather the TV writer’s strike? Did you get caught up on a lot of shows you wanted to see or did you find yourself watching other shows that aired during that time?

  2. Thanks to your Google Reader feed, I saw the ./ story about H2G2 being 30 years old. Which versions of the story have you experienced in any way (read, watched, heard), and which is your favorite?

  3. So, here is a good question. I have been flirting with buying a Mac as a second computer to tinker around with. What is your recommendation for a first time Mac buyer (other than the Mac Mini)?

  4. Did the idea of doing the Pipeline Podcast come up out of the blue or had you tinkered with the idea a couple of times before getting around to it? Are you surprised it caught on and that you have lasted this long in doing it in, more or less consecutive weeks? Have you ever thought about adding in any new features to it like a top 10 worst sounding books of the week or reader’s mail/questions?


  5. Wow, thanks, guys. I might have to slip in TWO posts to answer all the good questions this week. Don’t let that stop you, though. I’m looking forward to answering all of these. . .

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