’24’ returns in the fall

’24’ prequel set

The producers of the Emmy-winning series are developing a two-hour “prequel” to the upcoming seventh season.The movie, designed to bridge the two-year gap between Seasons 6 and 7, is targeted to air in the fall, leading to the January return of the real-time drama.

4 thoughts on “’24’ returns in the fall

  1. Saw that. I’m guessing it will NOT be in real-time, and if so, it’ll be a good indication of what “24: The Movie” would be like.

    At least we get a little teaser of Jack before the series returns next January. I hope S7 is better than S6.

  2. Since they’ve killed off most of the accumulated cast of the last 6 seasons, I hope they take it as a reason to reboot the series. I was encouraged by the reports that they were moving it out of LA, but I’ve also heard stories of a lot of changes in the storylines. Surnow leaving is probably not that great an indicator either.

    Anyway, hope springs eternal, and I’ll be there on day one.

  3. Good idea. It will whet my appetite for Season 7 in January 2009.

  4. I have to say the thought of a close to 2 year wait between seasons wasn’t very pleasant, but it is nice that I’ll get some 24 this year!

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