Wii Must Buy

It’s the week all die-hard Nintendo fans have been waiting for:

There are midnight openings, tournaments at major stores, and general hullabaloo associated with this one.  Are you getting it?

I’m not.  I would like to, eventually, but Guitar Hero and a couple of other games I plan on talking about real soon have captured my interest. I don’t need to start on this one right away.  Someday, I’ll jump on the bandwagon because it does look cool.  Right now, I don’t need a big button-jamming game like this.  It will, however, give me a very good reason to use the classic controller I got for Christmas. . .

9 thoughts on “Wii Must Buy

  1. I’ve played the previous offerings on the N64 and GameCube, and if SSBB is anything like those two, it will be an AWESOME game. SSMB is a great game when you’re with friends; a couple of New Years parties have been spent with that game. The online play will help with SSMB.

    That’s a game that’s almost a Wii-seller for me. Looking at the display for it at Toys R Us yesterday, I said to my friend, “… man, I want a Wii.”

    That was followed with “And a 360. And Rock Band.”

    Sigh, so many game systems, so little time. But I am making progress on New Super Mario Bros. for my DS (*)! I alternate between that and Ultimate Spider-Man when I get a few minutes to play.

    (*) Okay, technically, I’m already at the final castle, but I wanted to unlock World 7 and get through the main worlds of that before finishing the final castle. Something about wanting to hit all the worlds before the final boss, or something, which is odd because when I first read about Warp Zones for the old SMB on the NES, I had no problems skipping levels to get to World 8. :)

  2. I never finished the new Mario Bros game for the DS, but it is REALLY good — combines old school and modern graphics just right.

    And ROCK BAND will be out for the Wii later this year, so you don’t need the 360 after all. Just a wee little bit of patience. ;-)

  3. Bah. Patience is for suckers. :)

    And yeah, the new Mario Bros. DS game is awesome. There are levels where it seems too easy, and then there are levels where it takes me a while to get to the flagpole. The Star Coins are an added replay benefit, something I’ve not had a chance to experience (never had an N64 or GameCube, so while I’ve played some games on them thanks to friends, I’ve never sat down to play through Mario 64 or Sunshine).

  4. I went to the midnight opening for SSBB just for kicks. I got there at 12:20 and there was still a line of about 6-7 people outside. They had a ton of copies stacked up behind the counter. Sad thing, even though I went to the midnight opening, I didn’t start playing until about 3 PM Sunday afternoon. But I did get a couple of hours in. Looking forward to jumping deeper into this one.

  5. Mario vs Sonic. Nuff said!

    Yeah the New Super Mario Bros is awesome. It’s a bit of a pain though when you are mini Mario and get all the way to the unlock at the end and die. My favourite bit though is probably the re-jazzed classic music. Nintendo games always have awesome soundtracks.

    And Phil you should check out Mario 64 DS, it’s more or less the same as the 64 version in terms of stars except you get to be Wario, Luigi & Yoshi at times.

  6. Nintendo has already opened a site for the small percentage of Wii’s getting disc read errors when gamers pop in their brand-spanking new copies of Smash Bros. Apparently returning the game isn’t enough and you have to get a replacement disc from Nintendo. I’ve yet to try it but I’m opening mine tonight just in case.

  7. @Paul: Man, I forgot that Mario 64 DS even existed! I played the demo of that back on the first gen DS system, using the thumb stylus thingie. Also played the initial demo of Metroid Prime that came with the system. That thumb control wasn’t bad; how good is the control with the stylus itself?

    As much as I dislike GameStop, I may have to check with them on a used copy of 64 DS. I no longer live close to a used CD store which also carried games, which stinks, now that I think about that….

    As for Mario Bros. music, I wish there was more of the main original SMB theme in New SMB; as far as I know, it only appears in the Mushroom houses. The remixed “Invincible” theme changed the melody a bit too much for my liking, but the Underworld theme is good. It’s hard to mess up the Underworld theme, actually. And I love OCRemix.org for their Mario Bros. mixes.

  8. Yeah the thumb control thing is pretty solid Phil. It’s much easier than using the D-Pad since it is closer to the full analogue movement you got on the N64 control pad. It makes those tight/thin path areas easier to navigate. Gets a wee bit sore after a long period playing if I recall though.

    I don’t know how it would compare with Metroid Prime Hunters since I still haven’t got round to buying that. Probably won’t for a while since I finally got round to picking up Fusion on eBay for the GBA SP today. There is never enough time to play computer games! That website looks pretty groovy too, cheers for the address.

  9. Augie wrote: “And ROCK BAND will be out for the Wii later this year, so you don’t need the 360 after all. Just a wee little bit of patience. ;-)”

    Yeah, but as I just read, there will be no online play or downloadable content. That’s not really doing anything to make me stop wanting the 360 version.

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