Beatles to iTunes imminent

Today, Apple signed the deal with Paul McCartney (rumored to be at about $400 million) to carry the complete Beatles catalogue on iTunes.  (I presume it’s an exclusive.)

Tomorrow, American Idol’s Top 12 perform Beatles songs.

Apple is a major sponsor of American Idol.

Apple traditionally releases new products on Tuesdays.

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the math on this is too good NOT to be true.

So how will it work?  Will Apple announce the Beatles on iTunes tomorrow morning?  Will they wait until Tuesday night and have Ryan Seacrest announce it?  Would Steve Jobs appear on Idol via satellite to help pad out a two hour show that only needs to be 90 minutes?  Or will Apple stay quiet and product a single 30 second commercial during Idol to make it official?  (Picture a Beatles song playing for 30 seconds with a montage of pics of the Beatles from their prime, followed by a card, “Only on iTunes” followed by the Apple logo.  And cut.)

Make your predictions now!

4 thoughts on “Beatles to iTunes imminent

  1. This all seems to be coming from a story in the Daily Mail, which is one step up from reading it scrawled on the wall of a particularly shitty toilet wall.

  2. Um, unless I’ve missed something, doesn’t Michael Jackson (& Sony) still own the rights to just about all of the Beatles’ songs? Why would anyone pay Paul McCartney for them?

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