Twitters of Week’s Past

I’m on Twitter. I post there with some frequency. Here are some recent posts, with italicized updated afterwards in some cases:

  • Spent three hours hiking today. Took 200+ pictures. They all suck. Every last one of them. And my lens didn’t want to autofocus. Annoying.
  • Was disappointed this week by Google’s decision to hide “Reader” in the “More” drop down box.
  • The TiVo Rewards Program is ending. This might affect me if I had ever gotten any points through it.
  • Went to install Leopard (finally) and realized I lost the disc. Whoops. I think I had it at work last. Maybe Monday night. . . )
  • I find the Digg Reel hilarious — there’s a HD feed of blown up YouTube videos. Talk about maximizing the value of your $2000 LCD. . .
  • First rule of America’s Next Top Model: If she says at the beginning that she has an unfair advantage, she’s going home.
  • Tonight’s master plan: Organize comics, play Wii Zapper, watch Apple TV, accomplish nothing productive. Can’t wait! (This mission was, by the way, successful!)
  • Waiting for my invitation to be on Net@Nite next. Just have to figure out my hook. . . 10 years as a comics columnist on-line?
  • I don’t own an iPhone, but the SDK tools look so cool that I want to develop for it now. (Then I looked at Cocoa, screamed at the very thought of programming in C again, and gave up.)
  • If I boycotted Twitterers whose politics I didn’t agree with, I’d only have to deal with two or three Tweets a day.
  • It seems like half the available HD video podcasts come from Revision 3. . .

There was also some eBay drama on Friday night:

  • Just placed a bid on a camera lens with 8 minutes to go in the auction. It’s a lot of money. I’m in the lead. Not sure I wanna win. :gulp:
  • Surely, I’m going to get sniped on this one, right?
  • 3 minutes to go. I’m still the high bidder. Hunh.
  • And with one minute to go, I’ve been outbid. I’m not going to outbid the outbid. Whew.
  • @Scederlund – Thanks. I really do think it’s the best auction I’ve EVER lost.

The final auction price was $10 over my maximum bid, for the record. I wasn’t going any higher, though. As it was, the eBay price on the lens was only 10% lower than brand new. Why bother with the angst for so little savings?

2 thoughts on “Twitters of Week’s Past

  1. Not too sad about the TiVo rewards program ending. In all the years I have had TiVo, I have only had one referral and that was a family member. Got some nice T-shirts though!

  2. I actually referred 3 people to Tivo and was able to finagle a new remote out of them when my cat took a whiz on the old one. Rewards were good for something, I suppose… and that cat is on Prozac now so feh to him!

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