New DVD Releases for 11 March 2008

This is a monumentally huge week.

  • August Rush

C’mon, it’s named after me — “August.” Of course it leads the pack this week!

  • No Country for Old Men

Who doesn’t love the Coen Bros? I’ve only ever seen one of their movies and it really didn’t do anything for me. Eh.

  • Tin Man

It’s two discs to contain the full “wonderment” of this SCI FI cheapo mini-series — because that’s the only type of show SCI FI makes. Cheapo.

  • Dan In Real Life

Steve Carrell stars in a movie that, well, everyone forgot about already.

  • Hitman: Unrated

Uwe Boll did NOT direct this one. Repeat, he did NOT direct this one. Doesn’t mean it’s any good, but it does mean that there’s a small chance that it won’t suck worse than your standard Hoover upright.

  • Bachelor Party 2: Unrated

Remember the original Tom Hanks movie two decades ago? Yeah, they decided to remake it. I’m guessing this is a cheapo direct-to-DVD thing, but there’s a small chance it actually made its way to a poor unsuspecting populace of randy teenaged boys who didn’t know there was an original movie, despite the “2” in the title.

  • Bee Movie

Let’s see if Oprah wants to repeat her hour-long advertisement for this movie this week.  This will likely be the best-selling release of the week.

  • Nancy Drew

Fairly benign kid-friendly movie. It’s like Veronica Mars, but skewed younger.

  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police

The geeks out there reading this are no doubt excited now.

So what are you picking up this week? Did I miss something?

9 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 11 March 2008

  1. Aug–you should really check out No Country for Old Men. I could rant and rave all day about how great I think this film is!

  2. SCI FI only does “cheapo” shows?!? I think you’re forgetting about Battlestar Galactica, my friend. :)

    I also think NCFOM is a great movie, although I still have mixed feelings about the ending.

  3. The Lost Room was also a pretty good Sci Fi mini.

    Eureka’s pretty cute too.

    That aside, 95% of what Sci-Fi Channel puts out IS cheapo though!

  4. What was the one movie? Unless it was Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fargo, or Miller’s Crossing, you’re missing out.

  5. Galactica, and to a lesser extent Eureka, definitely give the Sci-Fi some credibility. The 4400, while sometimes uneven, had some pretty entertaining story lines. If it where a regular network channel, it’d probably batting about the same percentage for coming up with a successful show. As a cable channel though, it’s far more average in producing the best programs TV had to offer.

    Dan in Real Life was a surprisingly good, entertaining little movie. Sure, it’s predictable but the chemistry between Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche makes it worth watching if you catch it on TV or your Netflix queue is running low.

    I will certainly watch No Country for Old Men at some point. I feel like it’s a movie I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch.

  6. John, quick correction. The 4400 was shown on USA, not Sci-Fi. I picked up Gattaca on Blu-ray this week. I also picked up Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth, which is the direct to DVD movie that wraps up the dangling threads from the finale of the 10th season. I also picked up Tin Man. I loved it when it was on TV, so I just had to buy it when it came out.

  7. Beware, Augie: EzekielRawlins is setting you up for a major disappointment with NO COUNTRY. Unintentionally, but that’s what’s going to happen.

  8. I liked Tin Man myself. It didn’t seem cheap when I was watching it but I do watch a good bit of programming on the Sci-Fi channel (But not those God Awful CGI creature flicks). The cast was great and I plan on buying the DVD although I did watch the series when it premiered on SciFi.

  9. Josh, thanks for the correction. For some reason, the premise of The 4400 had me thinking SciFi Channel instead of USA when I was writing the post. However, with NBC owning both networks, you’d think The 4400 would have been a better fit on SciFi.

    BTW, I saw August Rush last night — somewhat predictable if you’ve seen the ads for it, but pretty good if you like this type of movie.

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