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Oh, boy. Another HORTON HEARS A WHO ad. I guess the opening for every other week’s results show will be a movie promotion, eh?

Jim Carrey is there, in full elephant regalia. Curiously, the camera angle is showing the teleprompter behind Jim. This exchange is scripted, of course. Except Carrey doesn’t stick to the script at all. He has the vague outline and goes off on tangents of his own. To his credit, Ryan does the same.

Next week’s theme week – Lennon/McCartney again. Poor David Archuleta. On the bright side, it gives me another shot to be right about my Beatles/iTunes prediction!

First, a musical montage of those songs. I wonder if Archuleta will get a solo in this one, given how little of it he knows. Michael Johns is the harmony guy, there to back up the girls. Ooh, Johns can’t dance in line with the rest of them. Hernandez can dance just fine, not shockingly. Chikezie sounds good. Johns is now shaking sweat when he shakes his head.

They really need to STOP cutting to Carrey in the audience.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s the arrangements or dropped lyrics, but there are times when people aren’t singing that they look like they’re supposed to be. Odd.

Carly’s husband is keeping to the shadows in the crowd. Given his tattoo coverage, that’s likely a good thing.

Onto the results:

Jason is safe, so my prediction is already at least 1/3rd wrong. Syesha IS in the bottom three, so now I’m wrong on 2 of 3 counts. She looks in shock as she starts her song. Ohmigod. She wouldn’t shut up. She made sure to sing an extra couple of unnecessary notes long after the band stopped playing. She had to stretch out “her moment” just a couple seconds longer, didn’t she?

“The Distance” is this week’s Ford music video. I’m competely out of touch. I have no idea what that song was.

Now, we see the contestants at the Horton Hears A Who premiere. And they say the movie title often. I’m surprised their schedule includes time to go see a movie. Maybe they were just there for the orange carpet?

Ryan is teasing the fact that they’ll be taking live phone call questions during the show. I’m calling it now – that will not end well, no matter how well they’ve prepped the caller to stick to a script.

Back to the results: Kristy is asking for her microphone. She’s not dumb. But, then, she already said she thought she was going home last week. She is in the bottom three. And she’s apologizing to Simon with a smile already that he’s going to have to hear the song again. If they can just tone down the banjo, then the song will have a chance. Michael Johns and Jason Castro start doing a jig at the side of the stage. Didn’t last long. Ryan clapped along to the song for a change, though.

Simon still hates it.

Still no Apple commercial tonight. They usually have one by the end of the second commercial break.

Oh, thank goodness. They’re not taking live phone calls. They’re going with questions from the ‘net. Ryan has an unnecessary prop computer to sell the concept.

No, it IS a phone call. But the 12 year old girl is sticking to the script very well.

Second caller is a wannabe singer. Typical. Simon tells the caller to get another job. I LOVE IT. This might be OK after all.

The problem with this segment is that the caller’s question is on the screen already. There’s no need for the voice. They could just have Ryan repeat the question and save the amateur hour bit.

It’s time for Katharine McPhee, who didn’t change her name after her nuptuals. She’s singing “Something.” She sounds great. The right person won that season. (Really, my mind turned to mush last night after typing for an hour.  Just ignore that line.)  She’s still got the power, and can handle the softer parts just fine. She did shop at the same costume shop as Carly Smithson, obviously. The front row had an interesting view, I’m sure.

Jim Carrey is still hanging around.

Archuleta should be kicked off the show for the double popped collar. That look was ugly two years ago when it first reared its head. It’s 2008. There’s no excuse anymore, not even his youth.

The last person in the bottom three is — David Hernandez. Ramiele is safe and I’m completely wrong on the bottom three this week.

I’m fast forwarding through this song. I can’t listen to him talking about dancing again. It’s too creepy.

David has a girl on each arm. Again, creepy.

Paula just said she’s never seen a “more stronger bottom three.” Putting aside grammatical issues, I guess she forgot about that Three Divas week a few years back when Jennifer Hudson went home.

Syesha is safe.

29 million votes can’t be wrong. Kristy is safe. David is gone. The country voters came through as I predicted yesterday. The Dancer is gone. Whew. He had a good voice, but a REALLY bad week. REALLY REALLY bad. I am sad that the first person to do a Jim Steinman song is out already.

Whoops, in the middle of the “journey” video, they cut to a live shot of the darkened theater with the Idol signs the only thing aglow. Ruben has a predictably boring song to play us out.

It just now dawns on me that for the first time in many many years, I didn’t predict the order in which these top 12 will go out this season. Crap. Too late now.

De Blieck Out!

10 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 12 – Results

  1. When I saw the bottom three, I thought to myself, “Surely there are enough straight men voting to keep Syesha and Kristy on this show a little longer. And to vote out the ‘dancer.'” I was right!

    Also–it was very funny when Kristy was asking for her microphone. She knew that David Cook wasn’t going to be in the bottom three!

  2. “[Katharine McPhee’s] singing “Something.? She sounds great. The right person won that season.”


  3. I too thought they were lip syncing the montage song at the beginning!!! and i also noticed that Amanda (Cruella DeVille as my radio station calls her) only had one line or so….you couldnt hear her sing with the rest of them! Maybe since this was the first one and they did the Horton carpet thingy, they didnt have enough time to rehearse.. it looked rough.. so they lip synced this time around…

    Jim Carrey.. i would have hated to be the guy sitting behind him in the audience!!! i know it was not for long, but still!!!

    the ohone call thing has to stop, it was stupid and only a way to stretch a half hour show into an hour!

    finally… did it seem wierd to you… when it was time for david H to “sing” but already had sung for us.. Ryan didnt quite know what to do… he stumbled through almost a minute of trying to remember what to do before he introduced the Reuben song and the Journey video. Maybe they should stick to the old way.. introduce the bottom 3 and then let the loser sing after their video….

    just my 2 cents

  4. Out of those three, I would’ve picked Syesha to go — but it doesn’t really matter much since none of them has a realistic shot of making it much further. David H. doesn’t get to shake his thang on the tour though. I’m sure he’ll get bigger tips now at least. :)

    Augie “The Distance” was a big modern rock hit by one of my all-time fave bands: CAKE!

    I really wish they weren’t doing the Beatles again next week. Change it up, dawg.

  5. Is it just me, or does it feel like David Foster took it upon himself to rescue Kat McPhee from obscurity, and resuscitate her music career? Well, whether or not that is the case, a big KUDOS anyway to David F, because she has a wonderful voice, and I could see her performing a duet or two with someone like Andrea Bocelli in the near future (I remember and loved that great impromptu duet with Bocelli when Foster and him were the idols mentor for the week, it was short but sweet).

    Wow, so a google search tells me her working with Foster is old news, still…nice that she will get a second chance to wow America with her voice.

  6. Did anyone else notice that meteorite on McPhee’s left hand? That diamond was ginormous.

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