The Return of Friday Q&A

You asked, now I’ll start answering. More answers next week, I promise.

ShyGuy wants to know:

“Why has the hidden politics section been left to languish?”

The VandS Politics site is still there, though I think often of just deleting it so I’m never tempted to write in it again. Truth is, I’m not a very political creature these days. Whereas I used to follow it very closely on a daily basis, I eventually burned out on it, discovered tech and comic podcasting, and grew disenchanted with the whole thing.

I see stories here and there that I’d love to post up there, but I don’t want to get into fights these days. Life’s too short to waste my time on that. And while the current cult of personality surrounding Barack Obama and the renewed fad of environmentalism would provide plenty of material for the blog (really, I could turn it into the Global Warming Scare Story of the Day blog), I just can’t be bothered. I don’t follow everything closely enough right now to get into any sort of debates. Most of my readership, I know, disagrees with me. It’s just all so counter-productive.

So it sits there. Someday, maybe I’ll wipe the database clean and save Google a few milliseconds in webcrawling time. John F. is up next:

“How did you weather the TV writer’s strike? Did you get caught up on a lot of shows you wanted to see or did you find yourself watching other shows that aired during that time?”

I didn’t need to survive the writer’s strike, as it turns out. The only impact it had on me was the loss of ’24.’ Nothing else changed. The real impact will hit me in a couple of weeks when LOST ends its season so early. Otherwise, everything else I watch these days carried on, business as usual. Sadly, the truth is that most of what I watch anymore is reality TV with the wife. After that, I tend to play video games, watch video podcasts, and work on the web, whether it’s this blog, Pipeline, the podcast, or just news gathering and web surfing.

I’d like to say that I got something new and different done while filling those lost hours that I couldn’t watch network television, but that would be a lie. The wife and I finished off Season Three of VERONICA MARS, so I suppose that counts for something. I’m just not sure that the Writer’s Strike came at anything else’s expense, you know? Just when it would have started affecting me, the strike ended.

Phil Foxx dips into British hilarity for a moment:

“Thanks to your Google Reader feed, I saw the ./ story about H2G2 being 30 years old. Which versions of the story have you experienced in any way (read, watched, heard), and which is your favorite?”

I’ve seen the TV show, read the books, and heard a couple excerpts from the radio shows. I’d love to listen to the whole radio series someday, as I know Adams liked those particularly well.

My favorite remains the books. I’m a word purist that way, I guess. I love the cheeky British humor. I love the silliness, but also the wit and creativity.

I also have the recent movie on DVD. I’ve been avoiding it, but I suppose I’ll catch up on it someday.

Thanks, one and all, for your questions.

Please post your questions for future installments of this segment in the comments below. We’ll have more questions to answer soon!

4 thoughts on “The Return of Friday Q&A

  1. I’ll spitball an easy one at you; what do you think of the new Hulk trailer? It’s been everywhere the last few days. Personally, I feel a little let down, I had high hopes for it. I love what Norton did for American History X but this was too much Banner and not enough Hulk. I’ll let Juan hit you with the more existential questions…

  2. Augie: I’m pretty much the same as you. My first exposure to HHGTTG was the first book in preparation for the old Infocom game — which I still have yet to beat. Then it was the rest of the books straight from Britain; my mom worked in the States for a British company, and one of her coworkers got me the all four (at the time) books and send them to me. I’ve since gotten a compilation of the American printing, so I can compare spelling and additions, etc. After that was the album recordings based off the first radio series (gotta love the library having them).

    I got the Neil Gaiman “Don’t Panic” companion book, then the TV series, then “Mostly Harmless”, then the book of radio scripts, then the new radio series, then the new movie. Even without having heard the original first and second series, I still treasure the radio series and the books. I want to love the movie more, but there are some things about it that really bug me (Marvin’s last line in particular — no spoilers, but if you understand things about the book, you know why the last line makes no sense). I still gotta get copies of the original radio series on CD so I can listen to the full story, but there’s something pure about radio plays and the theater of the mind. I love the NPR “Star Wars” radio plays for the same reason. I really do hope you get to hear the full story that way. There’s stuff in there that never made it into the books.

    Heard DNA speak twice; he was always hilarious, and I’m still sad that he’s gone.

    Oh, and LOST will end up with 5 more eps this season, for a total of 13 instead of 16, so the writer’s strike hurt it slightly, but not as much as it could have.

    Ezekiel: I’ll have to agree with you on that; I saw the trailer last night, and my reaction was “Eh.” With “The Dark Knight”, it was “That was really cool!” With “Indy 4”, it was “Oh, yeah, that’s great!” And with “Iron Man”, it was “HOLY CRAP! THAT WAS AWESOME!”

    But the new Hulk? “Eh.”

  3. With 24’s continual drop in quality since, oh, season 4, I think taking a season off may be for the best.

  4. Ezekiel – Until it shows up on the Apple Trailers site, I likely won’t see it. I’m a snob now – if I can’t watch it in HD on my Apple TV, I’m fine waiting for it to show up there. I just saw the last Iron Man trailer last night that way. That one looks amazing!

    Phil – Thanks for the good news on LOST. I feel a little better now. And thanks, also, for the Hitchhiker’s Guide rundown. If someone would just podcast that series into weekly 20 minute chunks, I’d subscribe and listen to it right away. I’m weird that way.

    Ben – I don’t disagree with you on 24. Given what we’ve heard about the upcoming season, I’m almost happy with pretending the show DID end last season.

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