Late Twitter Round Up

Yeah, this is being posted REALLY late in the day, comparatively speaking. And I still have to prep the new DVD release list next. Whoa, boy.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about over at Twitter in the last week, with italicized updates:

  • I find it odd that I glance at the clock nearly every day at 9:11. Sometimes a.m., sometimes p.m. Just bizarre.
  • @Ihnatko – Like any good internet pundit, I plan on wrestling this prediction to the ground, no matter the facts that prove me wrong. (This was about the Beatles-to-iTunes rumor. Given the divorce hearing ended today, I’ll renew my belief that it’s happening on Idol THIS week now!)
  • I have ZERO new podcasts to listen to on the way to work tomorrow. Must I listen to music now? UGH (Things, thankfully, have since picked up.)
  • Which is a lesser waste of time? Refreshing my knowledge of PHP, or Ruby on Rails?
  • Considering the Tamrac Aero 80 as a camera bag. But is it too big? Has room for camera, lenses, future additions, AND more storage. (I ended up buying it, but I had to order the tripod straps separately through Adorama.)
  • Still can’t find my Leopard DVD now that I’m ready to install the $^%&ed thing. UGH
  • @mikesterling @mescutia – thanks for the podcast recommendations. I wound up with Inside Digital Photo Radio. Yeah, bit of a left turn there
  • I admit it — I’ve never “gotten” Madman. Doesn’t do anything for me at all.
  • @leolaporte – Will you be using Lightroom 2.0 in Tazmania? (No, he never answered. =(
  • Why haven’t I won the lottery yet? Why do the fates conspire against my brilliant life plan so?
  • Statistically, I should hit ONE lottery number a week. Why is that so impossible lately? Do I look too desperate when I buy one?
  • Need to learn to stop doing things because they seem like fun at the time, and start DIRECTING those energies towards something. (A few days later, I’ve successfully made it through many levels of the new video game I’m playing. ::sigh:: )

  • I have to go to work again today? Are you kidding me? Whose bright idea is this?!?
  • Researching places to go take nature pictures this weekend. There are a few parks in the area I never knew about. I grew up here!
  • Wow, John Buscema’s Savage Sword of Conan art was beautiful. Imagine if he drew Spider-Man in that style? Cognitive Dissonance!
  • New favorite HD video podcast: “Play Value.” History of Tetris episode was really cool. Loading up the C=64 ep now to relive good times. (It was NOT a disappointing episode.)
  • Hmm, this lens doesn’t like the autofocus sometimes. I had to point it straight at a lamp to get it to restart. Hrmmm (I’m looking up how to send it back to Canon now. It’s just broken. It’s not New dSLR User error.)
  • I thought I wasn’t using my camera enough, but I just noticed I’ve taken 2400+ pictures with it already. Nevermind.
  • So frustrated by bad weather ruining my planned photohike today that I took pics of the birds hanging out in the supermarket parking lot. (Sadly, they weren’t very good. Lack of Autofocus meants imprecise focusing by hand gave me soft shots.)

One thought on “Late Twitter Round Up

  1. Ok- a few things to address:

    • ok- a great podcast to listen to – and out 5 times a week- try Keith & the Girl – available at podcast alley – or their website at A former stand-up and his lady love – discuss everything – with no apologies. Great fun !

      • Madman – like Flaming Carrot – is an acquired taste- and probably better in small doses as it is so bizarre. Apparently – the great Robert Rodriguez is a fan and interested in making a live action film of it – let’s see !

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