Ai7 – Round of 11 – Results

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And what was up with Amanda? Does she have laryngitis? She sang one line in the entire thing, and the rest of the time was barely lip synching. As soon as her lyric was done, the whole group immediately came to the front and her mic was silent again.

Carly in the bottom three?!? That makes no sense. Paula and Randy are right — America got it wrong. She is one of the best singers on the show. She can’t go home yet. With a field still including Ramiele and Kristy, she should be safe.

So Ryan asks David Cook to respond to Ryan calling him “smug.” And what answer does David give? A smug one.

Kristy is cannon fodder. She’s in the bottom three, deservedly so.

Jason is safe, despite that awful performance last night. It was campy, but. . . UGH.

Ramiele is in the Top Ten, which means my prediction’s toast once again. I don’t know who’s voting for her, but not Carly. . .

It’s time for Viewer Questions! UGH.

Oh, and now we have a questioner who’s vamping past what she was supposed to ask.

Ryan’s introducing Kellie Pickler, “who’s grown in so many ways since leaving us.” Oh, Ryan, you lovable scamp. Coincidentally enough, Ryan also announced this week that Dolly Parton is a mentor this season.

Neil Diamond, Andrew Lloyd Weber (fresh off last year’s judging appearance on GREASE: YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT), and Mariah Carey are also mentoring.

If I were an IDOL contestant, I’d want to go country. They take care of their own down in Nashville. Even Bucky has an album.

But let me sum this up: Kelly’s singing about her red high heels. Kat McPhee has a song about open toed shoes. By this time next year, Kristy Lee Cook should be recording an ode to her Uggs.

Wow, that leaves us with Amanda and Chikezie, neither of whom deserve to leave. Randy is rushing along here.

Amanda joins an all-girl bottom three. Ouch. If Kristy doesn’t go home in a minute, then this is an upset.

Whew, Carly is safe. America, you had me worried there for a second.

And I just said, “Wow” out loud three times. Amanda is out. Maybe we’ll find out now if she still has a voice. She doesn’t deserve to go. I don’t think she was going to win it all by a long shot, but she had something unique that I thought would carry her through a few more weeks, probably to the Top Six or so.

Maybe Simon is right — one of these little kids is going to win it all this season.

And Amanda is now stumbling her way through the song. . .

Oh, well. I better check — has VoteForTheWorst taken credit for Kristy Lee yet? I think I know what’s going to happen with Kristy, though. She’s going to finally break through and have a great week and that’ll be the week she goes home. We shall see.

De Blieck Out!

4 thoughts on “Ai7 – Round of 11 – Results

  1. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Archuleta is gonna win it all…well unless he suffers a “Chris Daughtry”..that’s the only I see he doesn’t win. Simon’s right, this is a popularity contest not a singing contest.

    As far as Kellie Pickler goes…I guess it was cold inside the theater last night.

  2. Actually Vote for the Worst has had Amanda as their pick for the past few weeks. Their replacement for her is Kristy though.

  3. Jeff’s right about Archuleta. And I’ll be shocked if Kristy ever has a great week. Let alone a good one.

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