Link Dump for Thursday

  • Wow, another piece of my childhood explained: YouTube video of the Making Of the HBO introduction video. It took months, and could probably be remade by a college kid with a low-end Mac in a week today.
  • Photoshop Disasters is a new blog dedicated to pointing out the silliest atrocities committed via Photoshop from real life advertising, editorial, etc. (I may have linked to this before, but I don’t care.  It’s just that good.)
  • The naughty shennanigans and hidden meanings of the classic, “What’s Opera, Doc?” Once again, I kid you not.

4 thoughts on “Link Dump for Thursday

  1. Fantastic set of links, Augie.

    I loved that HBO opening. Definitely a piece of my childhood. I think I even remember seeing this making-of video back in the day… The music brings back memories of watching HBO during summer vacation, especially the summer when HBO had the rights to the first “Star Wars” movie. I counted how many times I saw it, and I think I got up to 43.

    I must remember to revisit the Photoshop Disasters blog. That’s some great stuff.

    I’m of two thoughts about Guitar Hero for the DS:

    1) Since the most powerful console I have is the original PlayStation, I can actually play Guitar Hero. And even better, I can easily play it on trips or when I need a quick mindbreak!

    2) … wow, that peripheral looks… kinda clunky to use. Only four frets? And… blowing to put out fires… er, okay…

    Depending on price, I might buy this first day, tho’. Of course, I said the same thing about Jam Sessions, and I didn’t buy that. Used games just give you more value for your buck, IMO, and I don’t see this being in the used pile very quickly. (Of course, if it does end up there quickly, it probably means the game’s not that great…)

    And… HOLY CRAP to the “What’s Opera, Doc?” dissection. Er, sometimes a duck is just a duck…

  2. The president of the company which made that HBO intro goes by the name of “Anthony Lover”. Wowie.

    Anyway, I’m 37 and I remember that intro all to well. Remember when HBO would do goofs on April Fool’s Day and they would have the silly opening? I loved those.

    HAH!!! Thank god for YouTube, found it:

  3. I vaguely remember the HBO opening. It’s amazing what pops up on YouTube these days!

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