New DVD Releases for 25 March 2008

Hey, only 9 shopping months left till Christmas!

  • Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors: Season One

. . .includes script by JMS.

  • Painkiller Jane: The Complete Series

If you’re a big fan of the comic book, here’s the TV series.

  • The Mist

Based on something of Stephen King’s it seems. Frank Darabont is responsible for this one, so there’s a chance it’s good.

  • Party of Five: The Complete Third Season

From a time before Jack was Lost and what’s her face wasn’t talking to ghosts. . .

  • Wings: Season Six

Funny series.

Kind of a boring week, eh?

One thought on “New DVD Releases for 25 March 2008

  1. The Mist was awful. It’s easily in the top five worst movies I’ve ever seen. I thought that with Darabont directing and with an interesting premise it might be good. Bad acting, cheesy “creatures,” and an illogical “shock” ending not only made me want my money back, but made me immediately want to go home and share my disgust with everyone on the internet. Granted, I’m doing that right now, but I’ve never wanted to do that with any other movie I’ve ever seen.

    Sorry for the rant. Moving on, it does seem odd there’s nothing else big coming out this week after the last few weeks of multiple big releases.

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