AI7 – Round of 10 – Results

The bottom three were Jason, Syesha, and Chikezie. Of those three, I’m most surprised by Jason. There seems to be a youth movement this season. The younger ones that seem to stand no chance keep skating by – Ramiele, Kristy, and Jason. They’ve all been in the bottom three now, though, and they’ve all survived. Jason is just getting boring, and that’s why America failed to vote for him this week

Syesha’s problem is one of a fan base. I don’t think she has a big one at all. She doesn’t have anything to compare to the likes of Davids Cook or Archuleta, for example. There’s something about her that comes across, personality-wise, as annoying. Even if you can’t articulate it, there’s something about her that’s off-putting. She had the performance of her life last night and still wound up in the bottom three. That’s not good. She needs to either become more likable, or keep putting up amazing performances week after week, to carry on.

Chikezie picked a bad song this week and paid the price.

It’s important to remember that though we all pretend this is a talent show, it’s really not. It’s a popularity contest. I keep getting caught in the trap of predicting the worst performer to go home each week, when I should be picking on the least popular, the one who fails to excite his or her fanbase, and the previous week’s results.

All three performers were safe last week. That doesn’t help energize your fan base to vote for you this week, at all.

Syesha sang so well that many people probably figured she was safe and didn’t vote for her.

Neither Jason nor Chikezie wowed America, nor did they do so poorly that their fanbase was excited to call to protect them.

And so Chikezie is gone now.

Ah, well.

What did we learn this week? If she sings well and picks a good song, Kristy can avoid the bottom three. She can energize her country base, as she has that vote locked up by herself this season. It’ll carry her through another couple of weeks.

David Cook had a remarkably large noggin, even as a child.

And that commercial from last night where the lizards start dancing to “Thriller” is hilarious!

De Blieck Out!

4 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 10 – Results

  1. Unlike you, I was totally shocked to see Syesha in the bottom two, Augie. I don’t think any contestant has been there after giving that good a performance — a near-Idol Moment.

  2. I wish I had gone with my initial instincts to pick Jason in my bottom three. I would have had 2 out of 3 right then. I am almost a little surprised that my pick of Syesha in the bottom three played out. Well, 1 for 3 is better than 0 for 3 I suppose! I am not sure what Syesha can do now though. I would say that she will be gone within a couple of weeks, if not next week. I guess it depends on if Kristy decides to bring her A game or not.

  3. Well, I personally wouldn’t consider it an A game… Let me rephrase that. It depends on if the rabid country fans can keep supporting her in droves or not!

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