How to write up American Idol episodes

In reading back over my previous American Idol writeups, I noticed one or two odd choices of phrasing, so let me explain how the writeups have been done this year and why some occasional grammatical foul-ups come of it.

I’ve been writing the reviews as I watch the show. I sit on the couch in front of the tv with the DVR remote next to me and the MacBook on my lap. I literally am typing as I’m watching the show. I don’t pause that often, usually just to give myself a second to finish a thought during commercials. (Yeah, I can’t let the commercials play. I pause them rather than listening to them. Ah, DVRs. . . )

In the past, I’d always taken notes by hand and typed them up later, meaning my write-ups would be in the past tense. Now, they’re more in the current tense. Occasionally, though, I lapse back into old habits and the tenses get mixed up. Sorry about that.

I may go back to hand-written notes in the future. The writeups seem to be shorter that way. It all depends on my mood each night, really.

This has been my navel-gazing for the day. Please go back about your lives.

2 thoughts on “How to write up American Idol episodes

  1. I cry foul sir! You have commited the greatest sin of all, Blogging about blogging!

    Jk, I always had problems with tense in school so I feel your pain.

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