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Victor Borge rulesIt all started with this Metafile post.

First, the necessary background comes from Wikipedia. To put it simply, Victor Borge was a musical genius with a wicked comedy streak running through him. He combined the two to give us some of the funniest comedy routines of the 20th century.

Need proof? The all-time classic is “Inflationary Language.” The next time you refer to someone as having a “fivehead,” think back to this routine for the natural evolution of such tomfoolery.

It’s “Phonetic Punctuation,” though, that’s often the best remembered, as Borge explains his system to say punctuation marks out loud. When he reads the story using this system, it leaves the audience in hysterics.

You can find both of those routines and a lot more on the “Victor Borge Live!” album. It’s available for immediate download via iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 music store (both for just under $6).

The Victor Borge Birthday Gala DVD is also in stock today if you want to see the genius.

There is, of course, It looks like a fan site that was run for about two days before the curator got bored and moved on.

And here’s something even I didn’t know about the man: 60-MINUTE GOURMET – New York Times

I was fascinated to read recently how Cornish hens were popularized in this country. In the 1950’s, Victor Borge, the pianist and comedian, raised the birds on a farm he owned in Connecticut and sold them dressed and ready for the oven. They are a cross between an American fowl, the Plymouth Rock hen, and a Cornish or Bantam rooster or small gamecock.

Borge was a genius in so many ways.

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  1. I’m a huge Victor Borge fan – my brother actually got to see him live, the B*****d (my brother, not Borge) – so these links are most welcome! :)

  2. Years ago, maybe as an answer to a CBS Mailbag letter or something, Paul Shaffer got to do the old Borge bit on “Late Show With David Letterman” where he played the William Tell Overture “upside down,” then turns the sheet music over and plays it correctly…when it got a big laugh, Letterman made a big point of saying how he had an entire team of comedy writers but the biggest laugh of the night came from a decades-old joke. (Someone may remember the details better than me — I just remember how much fun it was seeing Paul do it.)

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