New DVD Releases for 01 April 2008

As an experiment, I’m going to move the DVD shipping list to Mondays instead of Tuesdays for the next few weeks. Let’s see how this goes.

Not much to talk about this week, though.

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks

“Alviiiiin!” There. I got it out of my system. This is really the kind of movie only a five year old could love, isn’t it? Sure enough, those five year olds flocked to the box office and made this thing a hit. Like the Garfield movie, expect a sequel any day now. If it helps them cash in even sooner, expect a direct-to-DVD movie. Whatever works.

You can also buy some of the classic 80s series on DVD today, too.

  • Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and a barber who likes to slice throats and sing a lot. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Becker: The First Season

Ted Danson plays a grumpy doctor, co-starring Jadzia Dax.

  • John from Cincinnati: The Complete Series

Long time VandS readers know what “The Complete Series” is code for: Canceled. Never saw it, but I know it had its loyal and vocal fans.

Next week: Hell’s Kitchen, Season One!

3 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 01 April 2008

  1. “What could possibly go wrong?”

    Um, yeah. The movie is not good. That is all.

  2. I suspect that John From Cincinannati may pick up some fans on DVD — it’s very circular in its storytelling, with a lot of callbacks and odd moments that resonate several episodes later. And it pretty much refuses to dumb down its thesis — it’s a faceted mirror that reflects back to the viewer what they choose to see. It’s not great by any means — it’s definitely flawed, but I don’t regret the time I spent watching it.

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