Happy April 1st – Bah, humbug!

Today is the day to get off the internet, as people who don’t understand what an April Fool’s Gag is supposed to be attempt to fool you into believing stupid things to make you look like an idiot. Even worse, several people decided to do “Early April Fools” gags last week. Idiots!

We here at Various and Sundry don’t believe in that kind of crap, so we’re just not updating today. Take everything you read today with a grain of salt. In a few days, the internet will return to normal and sort through what the real announcements were and we can discuss it then.

In the meantime, be nice to each other today, OK? And don’t go making crap up.

2 thoughts on “Happy April 1st – Bah, humbug!

  1. Go to Youtube and click on the Featured videos…

    Now THAT’S a good prank!

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