Lightroom 2 – Toldja So

John Nack on Adobe: Lightroom 2: The deuce is loose!

I’m delighted to announce that the beta of the 64-bit-native Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 has been posted to Adobe Labs. Everyone is free to download the beta build and try it for 30 days, while customers of Lightroom 1.x are free to use it for the duration of the beta program. (This build expires Aug. 31.)

It makes sense. The second Lightroom Adventure is happening right now in Tasmania. The first one was used to help iron out kinks in the 1.0. So a 2.0 right now just makes sense. (I’m glad they waited till April 2nd to announce this. They knew better than to trust the idiocy of the internet on 01 April with a big announcement.)

It includes more CS3 integration (including HDRs and panoramas!) and new selective area editing (dodge and burn, etc.). It’s not accepting plug-ins for image editing the way Aperture does just yet, but it’s still an improvement.

There’s a list of links to other blogs publishing their early findings on LR2 in the link above, including this one hour video review. So far, this is my favorite tour of the changes, complete with screen shots.